Here’s Why You've Been Losing Hair & What You Can Do About It

Here’s Why You've Been Losing Hair & What You Can Do About It

Have you found yourself recently searching about hair loss online? You’re not alone - searches for hair loss have gone up by 8% in the last year. 

In medical terms, this is referred to as telogen effluvium. It’s a temporary condition that can happen 2-3 months after you experience high fever, serious illness or extreme stress.   When your body goes through any of these, it may begin to conserve its energy for everything that is vital, such as your organs. Being that hair growth is not essential, your hair cells go into a dormant phase, one where more hairs are pushed to shed than to grow; this usually lasts only three to six months. 

The collective tension we’ve all been feeling over the past twelve months has taken a toll on all aspects of our lives - even our hair. So, yes, just as it affects your skin, stress also affects your hair

Approach your hair care the same way you would your wellbeing, by adapting to its different needs, both mentally and physically. From sustainable beauty brands to how to reduce stress, keep scrolling to get some of the best self-care tips for your hair!

Incorporate foods for hair growth 

To promote healthy hair growth, consider adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, one that is rich in raw, colorful vegetables, fresh herbs and healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, almonds and salmon. Limit your intake of gluten, refined carbohydrates and dairy products for the time being. 

Give yourself a scalp massage

Healthy hair begins at your scalp. Studies have shown that massaging the scalp can help stimulate hair follicles and increase their thickness. A relaxing massage that alleviates stress, reduces muscle tension and boosts hair health? Say no more! 

Reparative and ultra-nourishing, Malaya Organics' Repair & Style Hair Oil is filled with hair-loving oils argan, apricot and jojoba along with botanicals like organic rosemary, known to support hair growth. Massage your scalp with 3-5 drops just 2-3 times a week, then leave it in for 24 hours or apply a few hours before shampooing.

Learn how often you need to wash your hair

It’s different for everyone and depends largely on your lifestyle and the kind of hair you have. Not washing enough can lead to irritation or dandruff, while on the other hand washing too much may lead to a stripped scalp or dry tresses.  

So, while there’s no universal answer, we recommend taking the time to really get to know your hair and see what frequency works best so that you can effectively remove debris, repair and add a gorgeous dose of shine. Crafted with sweet basil oil, known to stimulate circulation and promote hair growth, MO MI Beauty's Balancing Shampoo is an excellent choice for gentle, every-other-day cleansing.

Use a conditioner after shampooing

Reach for a conditioner the same way you would a body butter or oil after a shower. A hydration-gripping conditioner replenishes moisture and seals your strands to keep them smooth, detangled and glossy.

When you need to condition quickly, just spritz and go with the Tsubaki Leave-On Conditioner & Detangler from VIVAIODAYS. This 2-in-1 hero infuses your hair with antioxidant-rich tsubaki oil to leave you with the shiniest locks. For under-the-shower conditioning, choose the Strengthen & Restore Conditioner from MO MI Beauty. A lightweight, yet super creamy formula that strengthens your hair with adaptogens like ashwagandha, schisandra and goji berry, while bioactive plant essences and energetics work to boost both your mood and hair.

Take care of your hair when it’s wet

Hair is extremely weak when it’s soaking wet. While you wait for it to dry, avoid putting it up in a ponytail or bun, brushing aggressively and using hot tools like your iron or curler. 

One more tip: Towel dry your hair really well or let it air out naturally before blow drying.

Ease your stress

During this period, it’s important to practice patience, nurture your wellbeing and reduce your stress. Your hair will grow back, it will just take some time. 

Some ways to keep your stress levels low include meditating, breathwork and gua sha massages. And, of course, your mind-soothing beauty rituals! Make sure you’re getting some movement in your days either from light stretches or walks and getting enough sleep

Need help choosing the best products for your hair? Get more hair care tips here or schedule your 15 minute consultation with Damon, hair expert, stylist and MO MI Beauty co-founder.