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Hair Care FAQ for Happy Hair Days, Every Day

Hair care can be confusing and hard to navigate, especially because it is so personal to each individual…

So, we asked Damon Thomas, MO MI’s trusted advisor and hair expert, to give us manageable tips and answer all things hair care. And, we created an easy-to-follow guide on the MO MI hair care collection, so you can have happy hair days, every day!

Damon has worked as a professional hair colorist and stylist for many years. He approaches haircare intuitively, tailoring his craft to each of his client’s unique needs. He brings his much valued experience and extensive knowledge of hair care, color, styling, product knowledge, and obsession for detail to MO MI.

Q: How often should I be washing my hair?

Don’t wash your hair every day! It’s far too drying for any hair type.

Even people with oily scalp should not wash everyday as it can stimulate the scalp's sebum (natural oil) production and continue the cycle. Typically, if you reduce your washing to every other day, after about 28 days, your hair will start to produce less sebum – thus, becoming less oily.

The best way to cope with your second day hair is with dry shampoo. Then when that becomes manageable, try washing hair every third day.

Q: Why is my scalp dry and flakey but my hair is oily?

Often when the scalp is flaking in oily hair, it’s due to an excess of sebum. In other words, too much oil causes flakes. It could be caused by overwashing your hair.

Q: What temperature should I use to wash my hair?

Lukewarm to warm water is easier on your hair than extreme temperatures. Warm water will help open the cuticles of the hair so that shampoo can penetrate deeper and remove dirt and oil from the hair. The open cuticles will also be able to absorb the oils and moisturizing effects of your conditioner better.

Use cooler water to rinse off the conditioner. This will help close the cuticles, retain hydration in the strands and will help you avoid frizz.

Q: Is conditioner a must?

Focus on where your hair needs the most hydration by applying conditioner from the mid shafts down to the tips. The ends of the hair are the driest and need additional moisturizing.

If you use the Cleansing Conditioner and have the normal scalp/hair, you can skip the separate conditioner.

Q: We’ve heard that before you condition hair, it’s best to wring out as much water as possible before applying it. Is this true and why? 

Yes. It is best to remove excess water. (Don't blow dry or towel dry necessarily but squeeze out the excess water). If you don’t dry off, and if the hair is too wet, the conditioner can’t penetrate or coat the hair. It needs to stay in the hair for several minutes and if it’s too wet the conditioner will be dripping off. 

Q: What’s the best way to dry hair after the shower? Do you recommend the towel wraps?

Wraps are fantastic. But you can also wring out the hair and then blot with a towel. Avoid rubbing the hair as it will rough up the cuticle and leave the hair tangly and less shiny. 

Q: What do you suggest to do for thinning hair?

A scalp massage can do wonders, not just for your mental wellbeing but also to stimulate hair growth! A daily scalp massage helps with thinning hair and releasing stress. Simply start from the bottom of the scalp and work your way up and in. 


Clarifying Shampoo - use once a week, unless a swimmer - more to wash out chlorine 

Balancing Shampoo - use 2-4 times a week

Cleansing Conditioner - use on ends to wash and moisturize or every other day (for more frequent washing and in between clarifying) for those with Afro curls / kinky hair, wavy or curly hair, and very dry/frizzy hair

  • If oily scalp + oily hair: Balancing Shampoo on scalp + Cleansing Conditioner on ends to wash 4x/week and Clarifying Shampoo once every 4 shampoos & dry shampoo in between washes

  • If oily scalp + dry, damaged frizzy hair: Balancing Shampoo on scalp + Conditioner on mid-shaft to ends every other day; Clarifying Shampoo once a week on scalp only + Conditioner

  • If dry, flakey scalp + dry hair: Cleansing Conditioner on scalp & hair + Conditioner mid-shaft to ends every other day; Clarifying Shampoo once a month

  • If dry, flakey scalp + oily hair: Often when the scalp is flaking in oily hair, it’s due to an excess of sebum. Too much oil makes flakes. Balancing Shampoo + light hair oil on ends every other day


Trim hair every 6-8 weeks so split ends don’t work their way up.

Scalp massage every day to release stress, stimulate hair growth and prevent thinning hair, & to activate acupressure points.

Refrain from using heat tools as much as possible!

Hormones & season changes affect hair. A blog post in the works to discuss this!