Our Products

Pink Moon has an intensely rigorous and intentional approach when creating a product and adding it to our product mix. Our team is dedicated to thoroughly investigating and testing the ingredients, formula, and efficacy of every product we launch to ensure that they align with our ethos and meet our quality standards.

Every product is formulated with vegan + wholesome yet results-driven ingredients*, sustainable, cruelty-free, ethically minded, inclusive of various needs, and is created to help you create impactful daily self-care rituals.

*We don’t believe in “banned ingredients” lists, “flawless” or “perfect” skin – you’ll only find supportive and uplifting messaging and products at Pink Moon. We’re primarily focused on supporting you through your self-care/love journey, not telling you what ingredients or products to avoid (because, ultimately, the choice is yours!)

Our Compassion Committment

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