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Happy Hair Days: 4 Eco Friendly Hair Care Products You’ll Love

No matter your hair type or color, nothing beats having hair that feels like it’s fresh out of the salon. To get that feeling at home, you need quality products formulated with natural, nourishing ingredients. Making your hair care greener just got easier.

Learning what works for you and how to keep your hair healthy might take some time, but we promise it’s worth it! Take hair masks and scalp treatments, for example. In the long run, as they help to keep your hair follicles clean and inflammation-free, doing regular hair masks and scalp treatments reduces your chances of thinning hair. If you tend to have greasy hair, using a dry shampoo in between washes helps to soak up excess oil. Applying a hair oil before drying your hair helps to protect it from drying heat, not to mention leave you with silky smooth tresses!

Self-care goes beyond your face and body. Knowing how to keep your hair healthy and staying on top of your hair and scalp wellness doesn’t mean looking out only for your shine. When caring for your hair, pay attention to how it feels. Just as your skin tends to reveal what’s going on inside, your hair does the same. If it feels thinner or is falling out more than usual, it may signal stress – a stressed mind will have a more difficult time making lush locks. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite eco-friendly hair care products from our shop to help you reap all the benefits of conscious, good-for-you ingredients from Mother Nature. 

Malaya Organics hair repair oil

Meant Do-All Conditioner & Shave Cream Streamline your shower routine. Packed with vitamins and essential fatty acid-rich oils, this timesaver softens and hydrates thirsty hair. Use it from head-to-toe as a conditioner, a shave cream and a hair mask. 

VIVAIODAYS Saponaria No-Tears Shampoo & Wash A soap-free, pH neutral 2-in-1 organic wash & shampoo for babies (and your whole family!). Tames hair and soothes the scalp with organic mallow extract and organic chamomile floral water. Its gentle formula effectively wipes dirt off and keeps tears away. 

MO MI Dry Shampoo Elevate your hair and your mood with this salon quality dry shampoo. Formulated with all-natural ingredients along with a flower and gem essence fusion, this dry shampoo is like nothing you’ve seen before. Excess oil gets instantly absorbed thanks to a blend of clays and coconut powder while rose quartz, lavender, rose and neroli help boost your spirits.

Malaya Organics Repair & Style Hair Oil Overflowing with precious oils and restorative botanicals, this golden treasure can be used as a styling oil as well as a scalp and hair treatment. With just a few drops, you can nourish, protect and promote healthy growth of your tresses, all at the same time.