Self-Care for Your Star Sign 101: Cancer

Self-Care for Your Star Sign 101: Cancer

Dear Cancer, as a water sign you are imaginative, intuitive, and sentimental. When your mind and body are in balance, these traits will inspire and empower you. But if you don’t take time out for yourself, the weight of the world can make you want to crawl into your shell. Let’s embrace a self-care ritual that fuels your creative nature and restores your emotional balance. Read on to discover the best holistic self-care tips, products, and rituals to balance your sign!

Self-Care Tips for Cancers 

  1. Balance your water element.
    As a Cancer crab, you probably feel right at home near the water. Water is your safe space, your “church,” your element. That’s why having too little (or too much) water in your life can cause mental and physical health issues.

    Focus your self-care rituals around the water whenever possible. Meditate by the sea, go swimming, or simply take a bath. If, on the other hand, you are feeling overly emotional, moody, or confused, enjoy some elemental balance. Instead, head to an earthy field or the woods to balance your water element and get the stability and structure you crave.

  2. Plan your rituals around the moon.
    Cancers are ruled by the moon. By paying attention to the lunar cycles and planning your self-care accordingly, you can make huge progress with your mental, emotional, and physical health in just a few cycles.

    So, how can you incorporate the moon into your daily self-care rituals? Start by studying the moon phases and keeping a journal throughout the month. Do you notice any definite shifts in your energy as the moon shifts herself? Next, clear up space in your schedule during the new moon and full moon of each cycle. On the new moon, spend time journaling and visualizing what you want to bring into fruition that month. On the full moon, enjoy a calming gratitude practice with a cup of tea to honor all that you’ve enjoyed over the past month.

  3. Nurture your inner child.
    Cancers are lovingly dubbed the “moms” of the zodiac. Your nurturing instincts make you an incredible and loyal friend, partner, and mother of course! But sometimes it’s you who needs some loving mothering.

    It’s time to get deep with your self-care. Consider activities and rituals that activate and soothe your inner child. Do hobbies you loved as a kid, get silly with a childhood friend, or practice inner child meditations to soothe old wounds. 

Self-Care Products for Cancers 

  • Pink Moon Midnight Melody Body & Hair Oil & Gua Sha Toolkit
  • Cancers often put up a tough exterior or hide from conflict. While that may serve you some of the time, it can also lead to physical tension in the muscles of your head and neck, and shoulders. Thankfully, the Pink Moon Gua Sha Tool does a great job of “ironing” through that pent-up stress and tension, while our Midnight Melody Oil helps you breathe a sigh of relief.

    The Ritual
    Grab your Pink Moon Gua Sha Tool and Midnight Melody 4-in-1 Oil and find a comfortable place to sit. Massage a few drops of the oil into your scalp. Glide the gua sha tool along your scalp from front to back, then back to front. Experiment with zig-zags or wavy motions, or whatever feels good. After about 5 minutes of combing, you’ll feel a sense of lightness and ease – and your hair will have a healthy shine and lift!

  • Pink Moon Water Element Cancer Cleanser
    A hydrating milky foaming cleanser with marine compounds that leaves skin with a luminous glow.

    Cancers care deeply about their home – whether that’s their physical home or the home of their own body. Tapping into their water element in the morning or night with a cleansing skin care ritual helps Cancers (or anyone) feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to dream.

Self-Care Fun for Cancers 

You spend so much time helping others, Cancer. Let’s make sure you get the quality downtime you need to feel as nurtured as those who are lucky enough to have you in their lives. 

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Curious about the best self-care practices for a different sign? Stay tuned for more zodiac self-care tips in our series!