Holiday Shopping That Does Good: Meet Our Give-Back Charities

Holiday Shopping That Does Good: Meet Our Give-Back Charities

By Kate Downes, LAc TCM Practitioner

What if your holiday shopping did more than put smiles on the faces of your loved ones? What if your gift-giving could also make a positive impact on your community? 

When you stuff your stockings with products from Pink Moon, it can.

Shop & Support: Meet the Nonprofits Making a Difference

At Pink Moon, we have always believed that self-care isn’t just about making life better for ourselves, but about the ripple effect that intentional care and self-love have on the world around us. 

That’s why we teamed up with Beam to create our Give Back Program, where every purchase (for you or a friend!) makes an impact via our incredible nonprofit partners:

Womankind  (formerly known as the New York Asian Women’s Center) has helped Asian immigrant women find freedom and safety from domestic violence for over 40 years. What started as a small helpline has grown into a beacon of hope for AAPI victims and survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual violence. From safe housing and legal assistance to counseling and wellness activities, Womankind shares our mission of empowering others to heal through self-love and community. 

To support Womankind, simply select them as your nonprofit of choice at checkout, and consider making a donation here

Pink Moon Gift Inspiration to Support Self-Love and Empowerment 

One of rose quartz’s most famous properties is its ability to enhance self-love and self-compassion – two key ingredients for rooted empowerment.

Like wearing an outfit you love or having a good hair day, smelling incredible is a surefire way to boost your confidence. With our Lunar Gardens Perfume Oil set, you or your lucky recipient can enjoy three different natural fragrances to suit your style and mood.

For many Black women and girls, access to therapy and emotional healing support is limited. To fight back, activist and author Rachel Cargle founded The Loveland Foundation to break down these barriers to care and make therapy more accessible. With the Therapy Fund, you can help connect Black women and girls to mental health professionals, cover the costs of therapy, and liberate and empower them for life. 

To support The Loveland Foundation, simply select them as your nonprofit of choice at checkout, and consider making a donation here

Pink Moon Gift Inspiration to Support Therapeutic Healing 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could carry a compassionate and insightful therapist around in our pockets? A tarot deck might be the next best thing. With this beautifully illustrated tarot deck, you can give a friend a new ritual of self-discovery and healing. 
Do you have someone on your shopping list who deserves some clarity? Who has been feeling off? Who simply wants to recalibrate their energy and emotions? A gifted distance Reiki session with Lin offers a relaxed and comforting way to clear negative blocks and step into their most empowered self.
    • Support Sustainability with GrowNYC

    Creating sustainable living habits is essential if we want to protect our planet. Yet, many people lack the tools and skills they need to live a more eco-conscious life. GrowNYC is changing that by providing essential sustainability services to over 3 million New Yorkers. From access to local gardens and green spaces to composting and waste reduction services, GrowNYC is making the city – and planet – more livable for all. 

    To support GrowNYC, simply select them as your nonprofit of choice at checkout, and consider making a donation here

    Pink Moon Gift Inspiration to Support a Healthier Planet  

    Single-use makeup wipes produce tons of waste. But with this Pink Moon reusable pad, you can treat your friends to a spa-like cleansing and exfoliating experience without the harmful environmental impact.
    Bath bombs make a fun stocking stuffer, but the commercial brands often contain chemicals and artificial dyes. These ingredients can irritate some skin types and leach into the environment. Instead, treat your pals to a restorative, natural bath with Epsom and sea salts infused with relaxing essential oils, healing copal resin, and aromatic rose petals and lavender blossoms.

    Animal Haven is a compassionate nonprofit dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned cats and dogs across the Tri-state area. Not only do they provide shelter, food, and care for abandoned animals, but they also offer behavior training and rehabilitation to ensure healthier bonds and more successful pet placements. We’ve partnered with Animal Haven to help give more animals in our community a full belly. 

    To support Animal Haven, simply select them as your nonprofit of choice at checkout, and consider making a donation here

    Pink Moon Gift Inspiration to Support Animal Welfare

    With 4 different personalization options, this cruelty-free and vegan 3-step skincare ritual set makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Choose the collection that matches your lucky recipient’s star sign element (Earth, Water, Air, or Fire), or whichever one you feel fits their personality best.

    Pets give us so much joy, often in unexpected ways! Tap into the fun of surprises with this mystery box of 4 full-size items (at just 50% of the price).

      What Impact Could Your Shopping Make?

      Our give-back model is simple: 1% of your purchase goes to support a cause you believe in. So far, by investing in self-care, the Pink Moon community has…

      💗 Funded 32+ hours of counseling for AAPI women who are survivors of domestic violence.

      💗 Helped 23+ Black girls connect with a therapist and receive 4-8 free sessions.

      💗 Funded composting supplies for 200+ volunteers in NYC. 

      💗 Fed 40+ meals to abandoned dogs in the tri-state area. 

      This impact grows every day; in fact, you can track our real-time progress here

      We’re so proud of how much we’ve raised so far, but there’s still so much work to do. We’re extremely close to being able to fund more support for these communities. By giving the gift of self-care this year, your generosity has an exponential impact. 


      Give the gifts of wellness, self-care, and community this year by tackling your gift list with Pink Moon. We are so grateful for your support and for allowing us to give back to meaningful causes that help create a brighter future and a kinder planet for all. Together, we can spread the joy of self-care and compassion even further. Happy holidays! 

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