12 Things To Do That Don't Involve A Screen

12 Things To Do That Don't Involve A Screen

From working on a computer to watching movies to texting, a screen seems to be present in all parts of our lives. Do you ever feel like disconnecting, but you’re not sure what you can do instead?

Whether you’re social distancing or choosing to spend more time offline, here’s our curated list of things to do that don't involve a screen.

Be still

Do you remember the last time you were able to sit and let your mind wander? Take some time to just stare out the window and see where your thoughts take you!

Soak in a bath

We must admit, self-care is probably one of the best things to do that doesn't involve a screen. So, why not turn your bathroom into your home spa with a luxurious bath ritual? The Lavish Lavender Bath Soak from Malaya Organics is infused with 100mg of CBD and crafted with organic lavender oil to gently calm your body and mind at the same time.

Prepare a loose leaf tea 

There’s just something special about taking the time to measure out your tea. Earthwise Beauty's Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea promotes healthy skin while supporting smooth digestion and reducing feelings of stress. Tip: Save the flowers to reuse them for a facial steam. Follow with your favorite mask!

Learn a new language

A second language opens up your world to another culture and community. Studies have even shown that it can boost both your creative and critical thinking. Instead of relying on your laptop, use paperback books to study and notebooks to practice your writing skills.

Get creative in the kitchen

With more time on your hands, there’s more time to test new recipes! Speaking of hands, protect yours while handling those hot pots and pans with one of the beautiful, handprinted oven mitts from ES Studio

Flip through a magazine

Instead of scrolling through your social media feeds, pick up a magazine and feel the glossy pages under your fingertips.  

Or read a book

Wrap yourself in the coziest blanket and let your imagination soar. Lhamour's Camel Cashmere Blanket is ethically made from super soft Mongolian baby camel wool and can also be worn as a scarf or shawl! Need a book recommendation? Here’s what the Pink Moon team is reading these days! 

Watch the sunrise or sunset

...without taking a picture! Be fully present and observe how the experience feels different. 

Give yourself a facial massage

Massaging your face promotes a toned appearance over time, moves energy and reduces puffiness. You can use your hands or learn how to use a tool. Our Over the Moon Duo includes a stunning rose quartz gua sha tool with its own soft, velvet case and instruction card and an organic, handcrafted oil that makes gliding easy. 

And a body massage!

Nurture your skin and soul with self-kindness. A body massage helps detox your body, increases circulation and stimulates organ function. Connect to your sensual side with Ode to Self’s Dusk Body and Hair Oil, which has a seductive, woodsy aroma. To awaken your femininity, use our Midnight Melody Body & Hair Oil.

Write in a journal

Write down how you’re feeling, your to-do list and anything that’s been lingering around in the corners of your mind. Have a goal that’s been keeping you up at night? Putting it down on paper and the steps you need to get there can give you a sense of clarity and make it feel easier to turn your dream into reality.

Cleanse your space

If you’re spending a lot of time at home, there might be an increase in stagnant energy in your space. Let in new energy and clear out any negativity by opening the windows for a few minutes, doing a deep clean or spritzing the Energy Clearing Spray from Species by the Thousands.


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