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Work from Home Essentials and Tips

Does working from home make you feel more exhausted than working at the office? Time for some self-care!

If it’s taking time for you to get used to your new workplace, don’t worry! Today, we’re sharing some tips and work from essentials that can help you adjust to this new normal. 

The whole Pink Moon team is fully remote. Over time, we each learned that incorporating self-care throughout the day was key to keeping our energy levels high (and our sanity!) Thanks to our toolbox of work from home essentials, we’re able to stay focused, motivated and mentally well. 

Read on to learn how you can sneak in some self-care into your daily WFH routine. 

Dress up

Elevate your mood right from the morning by changing out of your pajamas. You don’t have to dress as if you’re going into the office, go for something comfortable (no sweats!) and wear your favorite jewelry. While you’re at it, why not apply a bold lipstick? This special gesture gives you a moment to center so that you can feel more put together and more confident. 

Say no to multitasking

With all the tempting distractions on your computer, it can be hard to stay focused sometimes! When you’re on a call or video chat, close any tabs that might sidetrack you so that you can remain as present as if you were speaking to someone in person. Received a text or a message online? Remember once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to write a more well-thought out response.

Take breaks away from all screens

Staring at a screen for long periods of time is taxing not only on your eyes, but on your brain, as well. Give yourself time to recenter in between tasks. Every so often, stand up, walk around and spritz your face with a hydrating mist to freshen up. Close your eyes and let them rest for a few seconds after too much screen time. Building in mini breaks like these can help prevent that “glued to the chair” feeling that you might be experiencing. 

Create space to unwind

It might be hard to disconnect at the end of the day when your office is now the same space as your room or living room. Signal to your mind that it’s safe to unwind by changing the ambience of your space with a comforting candle

Intentionally light it, remind yourself that you’ve worked hard and now your day is done. Turn on a relaxing playlist and slow down your breathing. It’s time to fill your cup. 

Reconnect with your body

Sitting hunched over in a chair and squinting your eyes all day can cause tension to build up in your face, neck and shoulders. What’s more, spending too much time without moving can slow down your lymphatic system. Relieve that tension and encourage lymphatic drainage with gua sha. Giving yourself a loving facial massage lets you connect back to your physical presence after all that time spent online. 

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