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Winter Skincare: How To Get Glowing Skin In Winter

The lower amount of moisture in the winter air can lead to itchy skin, chapped lips and dryness that seems to never go away. Not to worry, there are ways to beat these winter woes and boost your skin’s natural luminosity. If the temperatures have dropped and the frigid winds are blowing where you live, it’s time to flood your skin with hydration and give yourself a little extra TLC.

Keep scrolling to get our tips and trusted essentials for healthy, glowing skin in the winter. 

Cleanse with a gentle cleanser

Your skin’s ability to hold moisture decreases during the colder months. To get glowing skin in the winter, it needs all of the extra hydration it can get. The Taurus Cleanser features a base of snow mushroom, kaolin clay, and aloe vera juice help to strengthen skin while promoting clear and hydrated skin skin and leaving skin feeling silky soft.

Manage stress

The increase in cortisol from high stress can sometimes be the culprit behind eczema flare ups, rashes and super dry skin. Make stress relief a priority by taking more breaks throughout your day, disconnecting from all technology and creating your perfect ritual to wind down in the evening. Need some ideas for your ritual? Ask us how!

Wear sun protection

Putting on SPF might be the last thing you want to do when you’re wondering when the sun will come out again. But even if you can’t see it, the sun’s rays can still compromise and dry out your skin. Our favorite sunscreens are Ayuna Velo and Undefined Beauty R&R Serum. Both give you the most dewy, radiant sun kissed glow in the winter.

Mist throughout the day

Give your skin a little love and keep dryness at bay with a facial mist. For a dose of hydration plus some soothing aromatherapeutic benefits, choose the Lunar Rose Mist

Avoid long, hot showers

We know, we know. In the winter what’s more satisfying than jumping in a steamy shower after braving the cold outside? Unfortunately, hot water actually strips away the natural oils from your skin, which can then lead to dryness and itching. The solution? Limit your showers to 10-15 minutes and keep the water lukewarm.

Switch to a hydrating skincare ritual

Replenish your skin after facing winter winds and the heat from the radiator with hydrating saviors. Packed with white rose hydrosol and soothing botanicals, our serum essences sink in quickly and can be used as a base product or on its own. For extra sensitive or dehydrated skin, the creamy Capricorn Strengthening Moisturizer and Over the Moon Facial Oil are a must during the colder months.