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Welcome Earthwise Beauty!

If you’ve ever tried anything from Earthwise Beauty, then you know that there’s just something truly special about these products. Ava Zhan, the founder and formulator, simply has a way with ingredients that is incomparable. Thanks to her background in nutritional healing, herbal healing, homeopathy and aromatherapy joined with an impressive combination of knowledge from her lifelong studies of Western Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Ayurveda, she has a truly genuine connection to medicinal plants that she so delicately delivers into each bottle. It’s almost as if you can feel her healing spirit flowing through each drop, mist or pump. 

Ava gracefully pours her heart into each formula and doesn’t stop until she crafts the perfect blend. It may take several years and countless trials, but until she feels that the plants in a product speak to your skin, she won't release it. Most of Earthwise Beauty’s ingredients are grown in their own garden. For anything that she isn't able to harvest, Ava will meticulously search across the globe to find the most sustainable, highest quality, and fair trade option available. It’s important to Ava that the entire process from farm to bottle is kind to the Earth, handmade with love and performed slowly and mindfully. 

From all-natural serums to divine oils and even herbal teas and a sun protectant, Earthwise Beauty brings you first-rate plant-based goodness in all kinds of formats. You’ll also love that they offer minis (and an incredible discovery kit!). They’re the best way to test these skin-saviors before you commit to full-sized ones.

As one of the first clients of the Pink Moon consultancy, Earthwise Beauty is a particularly special line to us. We’ve yet to come across anything similar in the eco space! Because of their unparalleled, comforting energy, Lin, our founder, never goes a day without using at least one of their products in her daily routine. To say the least, it’s a humbling honor to have fostered such an exceptional connection with both Ava and EWB.

Now for some news: we’re over the moon with excitement to announce that you can now find Earthwise Beauty products on pinkmoon.co! We wanted to share our joy with you and have put together some specials for you to celebrate this monumental occasion with us. Read on to find out more!


When you order $75 or more of any products, you’ll be gifted a mini Nap in the Meadow Serum (5ml). An $18 value! Purchase over $150 and you’ll receive a mini Nap in the Meadow Serum (5ml) AND Ruby Face Oil (5ml). Together that’s a $40 value. 

You don’t want to wait on this one, only a limited supply is available! 

Exclusive Limited Edition Earthwise Beauty Discovery Set

Test before you fall in love, this kit comes with four of Earthwise Beauty’s bestsellers.

Marshmallow Face Cleanser (15ml) Soothes, softens, and fights acne. This silky, foaming cleanser delivers a soft lather and a light, calming scent of chamomile. Concentrated, yet super gentle – it was made with all skin types in mind.

Nap in the Meadow Face Serum (5ml) A lightweight hydrator and moisturizer overflowing with cooling cold-pressed organic aloe leaf juice that gloriously drenches your skin and calms redness. Mix with 2 pumps of your favorite face oil to create an exceptionally soothing emulsion, much welcomed on these warmer days. 

Ruby Face Oil (5ml) A fast absorbing, non-comedogenic, lightweight face oil that's one of our everyday favorites. Antioxidant-rich raspberry, buriti and pequi oils offer sun-protective properties and gently soothe away the appearance of sun damage. Boost your summer glow with Ruby! 

Black Locust Firming Concentrate (5ml) For an unbelievably smooth, supple and evenly toned complexion that will make you do a double take. Backed by bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol, this serum promotes graceful aging and rejuvenates mature skin. Its deep orange hue will leave your skin in sun-kissed bliss! 

Valued at $100, this limited edition collection is currently available for $90. Save 10%!

Bonus! Add Farizad’s Veil Sun Reflector to the set and take home the entire set for just $125, instead of $140.


From July 9 through August 9, 2020: 5% of sales from all Earthwise Beauty products on the Pink Moon shop will be donated and matched by Earthwise Beauty to The Orangutan Project, a nonprofit orangutan rescue. We love that they’ve teamed up with Palm Oil Investigations to raise awareness of the devastating effects that bulldozing down the rainforest for its palm oil has on the environment to help save endangered animals! A genuine, small, devoted organization, Ava has been following them for years. They’ve even been featured in some of the nature documentaries that she watched together with her family!

To support their mission, at the end of the month, we’ll each pick a plot of the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem in Indonesia that needs donations to help protect their wildlife habitat. Learn more about this project here!