Wear Your Self-Care With Natural Fragrances

Wear Your Self-Care With Natural Fragrances

“Perfume is personal magic. It is a first impression and a lasting recollection.”

Perfume is so much more than a finishing touch before you head out the door. 

Style icons like Gianni Versace, Coco Chanel, and Elizabeth Taylor have all likened fragrance to an essence much more powerful – one that reveals our deeper identity and gives us a shield of confidence. 

Unfortunately, the synthetic perfumes you find in most beauty shops today do have a dark side. Many are made with artificial fragrances and potentially toxic chemicals that pose several health risks. 

Synthetic perfumes contain parabens and phthalates – chemicals that pass through your skin and into the bloodstream. These chemicals are known endocrine disruptors; they throw your hormones off balance and can lead to reproductive issues, brain fog, respiratory issues, and more. Other chemicals found in perfumes can be allergenic, inflammatory, or carcinogenic. 

Toxins aside, the main problem with synthetic perfumes is that manufacturers are not required to list these ingredients on the label because fragrance is considered a “trade secret.” The ingredient “fragrance” or even “natural fragrance” on perfume can hide a cocktail of up to 100 different chemicals. 

But don’t worry – there is room for balance. If wearing Chanel N°5 fills your heart with memories of your beloved grandmother, or you simply adore J’adore, you don’t have to give up your favorite perfume in order to live healthy. Save these perfumes for special occasions and make your daily dab something more natural, yet still captivatingly fragrant. 

Enter, Essential Oils…

Perfume has captivated us for over 4000 years, long before man-made chemicals like phthalates came onto the scene. 

In Ancient Greece and Egypt, people used woods and resins to bring the power of scent to religious ceremonies. Eventually, the use of aromatics became less exclusive and the general public started soaking their skin in scented oils to mask the many unpleasant body odors of the time. 

Ancient China also prized fragrances from incense to plant extracts and nectars. Scholars explain that “traditionally there was little distinction between incense, perfume, herbs or spices. The Chinese believed ‘every perfume is a medicine’ and that a deep connection existed between an aroma and the status of the mind and body. The word ‘Heang’ was ascribed to a perfume, incense or fragrance. ‘Heang’ has 6 classifications according to the mood it creates: tranquil, reclusive, luxurious, beautiful, refined or noble.”

Today, we know that plant extracts are medicine. Using essential oils is a great way to “wear” your self-care while also enjoying that confidence boost we get from perfume. And of course, essential oils don’t carry the risk of paraben or phthalate exposure. In fact, they actually improve our health while we wear them. 

Here are just a few of the common benefits of natural fragrances made with essential oils: 

  • They are safe, nontoxic and free from additives.
  • They purify the air around you and can improve your respiratory health. 
  • They have instant uplifting or relaxing effects. 
  • Some enhance the quality of your skin. 
  • They tend to last longer than perfumes.
  • Every oil has its own laundry list of health benefits, which means there’s an essential oil fragrance out there for everyone!

Meet the Pink Moon Natural Fragrance Collection 

At Pink Moon, we cherish the healing powers that plants and their essential oils give us. That’s why we turned to expert natural perfumer, Kelly at Crosby Elements, to help us create a signature fragrance (Midnight Melody) that was 100% natural, rooted in the healing power of essential oils, and a joy to wear. 

Our line of 3 energetically empowering natural fragrances:

Over the Moon Perfume Oil & Lunar Rose Mist
A moonlit tango in a rose garden! Both our Over the Moon Perfume Oil and 4-in-1 Lunar Rose Mist are energetically charged with rose quartz crystal to call in unconditional love, self-compassion, and heart healing. They are delicately scented with what we imagined a rose garden on the moon would smell like. Neroli, rose, palmarosa, and sandalwood. 

Midnight Melody Perfume Oil
Dreamy, delicate, and floral, this perfume oil with energetically charged amethyst is intended to calm the mind and help you channel higher consciousness.Tuberose with a hint of creamy ylang ylang, uplifting sweet orange, warm + grounding amber, and herbaceous petitgrain.

Sweet Sunshine Perfume Oil
Bright, vibrant, and uplifting, this perfume oil with energetically charged yellow topaz is intended to capture the enlivening + uplifting nature of the sun. Bright orange and mandarin red essential oils are balanced with fresh lavender and rosemary + earthy cedarwood.

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