Wait, What Does Astrologer-Developed Mean?

Wait, What Does Astrologer-Developed Mean?

As the first astrology-inspired skincare brand ever, Once in a Pink Moon is built on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and the ancient wisdom of astrological science. Evelyn Zuel, our in-house astrologer, worked alongside our founder, Lin Chen, to ensure the general principles of each sign were used to ascribe a trait to a given product. For example, Taureans are known to be reliable and they enjoy the finer things in life. The Taurus Cleanser is a luxurious creamy clay that efficiently multitasks to deeply cleanse, decongest, detoxify, plump, AND hydrate the skin.

About the Four Astrological Elements

Our Fire Element collection (inspired by Aries, Leo, Sagittarius’) energizes and awakens the skin. For the early-risers and those with an innate inner-child energy, this three-step ritual energizes tired, stressed skin. 

All about hydration and skin healing, our Water Element collection (inspired by Pisces, Cancerians, Scorpios) is specifically for those seeking emotional healing. Cooling, calming ingredients restore the skin barrier and deeply hydrate.

For the grounded, stable signs of the zodiac, our Earth Element collection (inspired by Capricorns, Taureans, Virgos) uses earthy ingredients and skin barrier-strengthening ingredients to nurture and restore sensitive and/or inflamed skin. This hardworking collection is made for those who are all about the details. 

Dreamy and lightweight, our Air Element collection (inspired by Aquarians, Geminis, Libras) is all about creating new beginnings in your skincare ritual. The featherlight formulas effortlessly brighten and soften skin.

Wondering to know which Element Collection is best suited for your needs? Take our short skin quiz to find out + receive 15% off your next purchase!

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