Once in a Pink Moon essences

The Once in a Pink Moon Line Has Landed!

Astrology-inspired wellcare that’s uniquely yours

What happens when you blend the wisdom of astrology, plant medicine, and a skincare ritual that’s actually fun to practice?

Enter the Once in a Pink Moon line! 

Once in a Pink Moon was born when we joined forces with astrologer Evelyn Zuel to create products that bring positivity, comfort, and playfulness into your daily life. The result? A semi-customizable, high-performing skincare ritual based on the wisdom of the elements and their corresponding star signs. 

Once in Pink Moon is finally here! Read on to get to know Pink Moon’s little sister line and how you can create your own out-of-this-world wellcare (self-care + wellness) experience.

Once in a Pink Moon: Where Astrology Meets Skincare

Astrology is so much more than horoscopes. This ancient practice is rooted in nature and offers a fun way to align your self-care rituals with your unique personality and element type. 

Here at Pink Moon, astrology has been at the forefront of our founder Lin's life practically since birth (her mom even brought her to an astrologer at just a mere two days old!). 

Astrology has been a part of my wellcare journey for as long as I can remember. I’ve often looked to the stars for mental, emotional, and spiritual support throughout my life. So, it felt natural to blend astrology with skincare rituals. Thus, I wanted to share the same joy and comfort that I found in astrology with our community at Pink Moon.”
– Lin Chen, Founder of Pink Moon

The new Once in a Pink Moon line is versatile and customizable to your unique skin needs. It features 4 different 3-step skincare rituals (cleanser, hydrating essence, and moisturizer) based on the astrological elements and star signs. The entire line is 100% vegan and made with non-irritating, intentionally-sourced high-performing ingredients. 

We hope these products bring back fun into your day-to-day life and allow you to have a deeper connection with yourself beyond your skincare rituals.

The Once in a Pink Moon Skincare Ritual 

Now, you can use the stars to customize your skincare ritual with our semi-customizable Once in a Pink Moon skincare collection. Caring for your skin and your psyche is as easy as 1-2-3…

Step 1: Cleanser
Each cleanser balances pH levels and leaves skin soft and luminous. All are safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin!
Step 2: Hydrating Essence
Hydrating essences are made from natural botanical extracts and essential oils to leave your skin refreshed and your mind revived. 
Step 3: Moisturizer
With our element-inspired moisturizers, there’s an option for any skin type. Finalize your ritual by nourishing your skin with botanical ingredients that keep skin clear and protect the skin barrier. 

💫Star Tip: Make your ritual even more delightful by pushing play on our Once in a Pink Moon playlist, enjoying a cup of Celestial Sun Brew tea, and taking 10 minutes (or more!) to just chill

Discover Your Best Match  

Developed in collaboration with an expert astrologer, our star sign-inspired skincare line helps you tap into the wisdom of astrology while supporting your unique skin.

Each product is formulated with unique ingredients based on each zodiac element (air, fire, earth, water). Along with providing the best care possible for your skin, these products are also designed to support and balance your emotional health. 

Let’s meet the lineup! 


Floral • Hydrating • Balanced
For those who have an air sun, moon, or rising sign. Or, for those who want to feel light, breezy, and free.

  • AIR Cleanser: Gemini
    A cloud-like airy oil turns into a milky cleanser that hydrates while it purifies.

    Gemini enjoys delighting in curiosities. Their minds bring them to new adventures and thought forms. Taking time to cleanse the face gives air signs the time to think, feel inspired, and plan their next course of action.
  • AIR Hydrating Essence: Libra 
    A hydrating, brightening essence infused with quartz, ylang ylang, and Peru balsam.

    Libra is an air sign that is all about harmony, beauty, and justice. The idea that permeates everything for Libra is balance. This essence leaves you feeling light, airy, and free to settle into a balance that feels right for you. 

  • AIR Moisturizer: Aquarius
    An airy whipped lotion moisturizer that is balanced enough to use day and night.

    The unique and exotic ingredients will pique the Aquarian interest. Those who need mental stimulation can draw inspiration from the unusual ingredient pairings.
    Air Element Collection - Once in a Pink Moon

    FIRE 🔥
    Citrus • Energizing • Confident

    For those who have a fire sun, moon, or rising sign. Or, for those who want to enliven and awaken their skincare rituals.

    • FIRE Cleanser: Aries 
      A silky cream-gel cleanser that is enzymatic, energizing, and calming.

      Aries is a masculine sign that likes to get started, “do now, think later.” To match the feisty and proactive nature of Aries, this cleanser helps you get your day started on the right foot.
    • FIRE Hydrating Essence: Leo
      A creamy, brightening essence that balances and softens with hints of cardamom and bergamot.

      Leo is a fire sign that oozes confidence and charisma. This essence will boost the fire within anyone needing that extra spice to feel enlivened and confident.
    • FIRE Moisturizer: Sagittarius 
      A cooling, silky serum-like moisturizer that cools irritation and leaves a dewy glow.

      Sagittarius is the fire sign that can hardly stand still. They love adventure, a sense of purpose, movement, and mobility. When you’re feeling angsty or tied down, this silky moisturizer offers you cooling relief and a sense of freedom.

    Fire Element Collection - Once in a Pink Moon

    EARTH 🗻

    Woodsy • Grounding • Luxurious 

    For those who have an earth sun, moon, or rising sign. Or, for those who want a practical and down-to-earth approach to their self-care that still feels luxurious.

    • EARTH Cleanser: Taurus
      A soft, clay-based cleanser that turns into a silky lather.

      Taurus is a feminine Yin sign that exudes a calm, relaxed, and sensual nature. This cleanser uses clay, minerals, and earthy mushroom compounds to ground and connect with the earth for anyone feeling the need to slow down.
    • EARTH Hydrating Essence: Virgo
      A hydrating, soothing mist with geranium and resinous benzoin notes.

      Virgo is the ultimate editor of the zodiac – they are able to recognize and spot the missing piece to any puzzle. They edit out imperfections and impurities. They strive for perfection. This essence is a retoucher in a bottle, perfect for when you need some down-to-earth clarity.
    • EARTH Moisturizer: Capricorn 
      A creamy moisturizer that strengthens skin and leaves a dewy, matte glow.

      Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign that works hard and focuses on long-range goals. The moisturizer is long-lasting, hardworking, and offers support and stability – just like Capricorns themselves. 

    Earth Element Collection - Once in a Pink Moon

    WATER 🌊

    Umami • Calming • Creative

    For those who have a water sun, moon, or rising sign. Or, for those who want to tap into their dreamy, imaginative, sensitive nature.

    • WATER Cleanser: Cancer
      A hydrating milky foaming cleanser with marine compounds that leaves skin with a luminous glow.

      Cancers care deeply about their home – whether that’s their physical home or the home of their own body. Tapping into their water element in the morning or night with a cleansing skin care ritual helps Cancers (or anyone) feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to dream.
    • WATER Hydrating Essence: Scorpio
      A hydrating, soothing essence with sensual notes of blue lotus and sandalwood.

      Scorpio is a fixed water sign that sits with the depths of its being. Transformation, analysis, dwelling, purging, purifying, unearthing, and illuminating are all aspects of the Scorpio archetype – and characteristics of this water element essence.
    • WATER Moisturizer: Pisces 
      An ultra-hydrating yet lightweight moisturizer that heals, circulates, and smoothes.

      Pisces lives within the dreamy realm of the subconscious. While healing your skin, this moisturizer also helps open the door to inspired dreamtime, inner awareness, inspiration, and a spiritual ritual that is all your own.

    Water Element Collection - Once in a Pink Moon

    Ready to experience the magic of the Once in a Pink Moon line for yourself? Discover your star-guided ritual now or take our true skin element quiz to find the best element collection tailored for you.