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The Best Natural + Fluoride-Free Toothpaste We’ve Ever Tried

From eco friendly shampoo to reef-safe sunscreen and eco beauty, you’ve probably already made the switch to hygiene products that are better for your body and the planet. But, what about natural toothpaste? After all, you are putting it in your mouth. 

Maybe you’re uncertain about making the switch. You might be on the fence wondering if they’re even effective or if they'll help prevent cavities. And what about the taste?

There are a few reasons to swap. Parabens and foaming detergents such as triclosan, have both been known to have a tendency to aggravate teeth and gums. Traditional toothpastes made with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are usually too harsh for sensitive teeth and gums, while plastic microbeads and titanium dioxide may cause irritation. 

As a team, we’ve tried countless natural toothpastes in the last 10 years. Whether it was a popular drugstore brand or a higher-end option (and anything in between), it always felt like something was missing. Bitter flavors, sloppy textures, no results. We began to doubt we’d ever find the best natural toothpaste. You know the feeling? Luckily, that all changed when we discovered RiseWell.

Backed by science, RiseWell is one of the only natural toothpastes currently available that has been created by medical professionals. The entire line has developed, tested and approved by a panel of leading dentists and doctors. What’s more, instead of just formulating a natural toothpaste without unfriendly ingredients, they chose to replace them with better, more effective alternatives such as hydroxyapatite (more about that below) and xylitol.

RiseWell was born when founders Kori and John were expecting. In their quest to replace their household and hygiene products with options they felt would be better for their family’s health and their home, they realized that finding an effective natural toothpaste was nearly impossible.  After tons of research and no luck, Kori reached out to her brother and dentist, Dr. Derek. Together, the three of them began their mission to create an eco friendly, hard-working and natural toothpaste that could suit their needs and also help other families. 

By now, you’ve probably noticed that effective natural toothpastes without fluoride are not easy to come across. What’s the deal with fluoride anyway? For over 50 years, it has been added to most public water supplies in the US. This means that if you drink water from the tap, you’re already getting as much as you need. While fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, it can actually damage your tooth enamel if you have too much of it. 

In all of RiseWell’s products, you’ll find only natural or naturally derived ingredients that have been proven to naturally clean, whiten, and protect your smile. One of the most unique ingredients (and the one we love the most) is hydroxyapatite, a mineral that makes up 90% of your enamel.  The hydroxyapatite formulated in RiseWell products is non-nano and is sourced from a mine in France.

Some of the benefits of hydroxyapatite include:

helps decrease tooth sensitivity

remineralizes tooth enamel

strengthens teeth without fluoride

Mineral Toothpaste  Developed by dentists and backed by science, this isn’t your ordinary natural toothpaste. Made with naturally-derived hydroxyapatite and elevated with anti-fungal essential oils like wild mint, tea tree and lemon, it’s safe enough to eat! Clean, strengthen and visibly whiten your teeth all at the same time.

Kids Toothpaste A delicious cake batter flavored option for your little ones. No questionable ingredients or sweeteners here, this natural toothpaste for kids is formulated with vanilla fruit oil to give it a sweet and fun taste and boosted with echinacea extract to support teeth health. Your child will ask to brush their teeth!

Scrubby Floss The world’s first hydroxyapatite (HA)-infused dental floss. It glides comfortably between your teeth to deliver remineralizing HA to those often forgotten spots and leave you with a minty fresh smile.

Travel Kit A 5-piece set that comes with its own natural canvas zipper tote. Inside you’ll find minis of RiseWell’s mineral toothpaste, balancing mouthwash, scrubby floss plus a bamboo toothbrush. The perfect way to discover natural tooth care. 

For the next month, 2.5% of all RiseWell purchases in the Pink Moon shop will be donated and matched by RIseWell to America's ToothFairy, an organization that helps provide children in need access to dental care.

We’re so happy to announce this new partnership! Join us in giving back when you shop for your new natural tooth care at Pink Moon!


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