The Ancient Roots of Healing Crystals

The Ancient Roots of Healing Crystals

By Kate Downes, LAc TCM Practitioner


While beautiful to look at, crystals are so much more than eye candy. They are energetically charged minerals with a range of physical and emotional healing benefits. Crystals have long been used as part of ancient healing systems, and are still embraced today for their therapeutic power. 

Whether you’re already a crystal collector, or you’re learning about them for the first time, this blog is for you. Let’s dig deeper into the world of crystal healing to understand the healing roots of these special “rocks” and how you can incorporate crystals into your self-care rituals.

What are Healing Crystals?

Crystals aren’t your average stone. They’re naturally occurring minerals that possess unique energetic properties. Each has its own distinct energy signature that can have a profound impact on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

So, how does crystal healing work? At the core of this practice lies the belief that everything in the universe is interconnected and composed of energy – much like other traditional healing practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and astrology

Crystals emit vibrations that can interact with the energetic frequencies of our own bodies. When we hold or place crystals on our bodies, their energies are believed to harmonize and balance our own energy field. As we align with their vibrations, our own energetic patterns recalibrate, promoting a sense of balance, clarity, and vitality.

Along with supporting health and well-being, crystals are often used to enhance intuition and mindfulness practices. Whether used in meditation, yoga, or other mindful activities, their presence can amplify our intentions, deepen our focus, and help us access higher states of consciousness. No matter what your self-care goals are (such as developing self-compassion or strengthening your intuition), there’s a crystal that can help you get there. 

The Ancient Roots of Our Modern Crystal Rituals 

Crystals have been used by traditional healing practices for thousands of years. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the practices that still embrace the use of healing crystals. 


Astrology uses crystals to amplify and harmonize the energies associated with the zodiac signs and planets. Crystals were typically used in astrological rituals and ceremonies, serving as conduits to magnify the intentions and energies of key celestial events. They are often placed on altars, grids, and mandalas to help deepen our connection with the cosmos and navigate our path of self-discovery.

Chinese Medicine 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on balancing and aligning the body's energy (Qi) to promote health. By strategically placing certain crystals on or near acupuncture points or meridians, we can enhance the therapeutic effects of the treatment. For example, a calming crystal could be used during acupuncture to promote relaxation or a grounding crystal might be employed to balance excessive scattered energy. In TCM, jade and rose quartz are commonly used crystals, especially for skin and beauty treatments (like gua sha tools). 


Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive practice that restores the balance of energy within the body. Some reiki practitioners choose to include crystals in their sessions to enhance the energetic healing effects. As in TCM, the crystals chosen are based on their energetic properties and their compatibility with the individual's needs. During a Reiki session, crystals are strategically placed on or around the body to amplify the healing energy being channeled by the practitioner. They can assist in clearing energetic blockages, balancing chakras (energy centers), and supporting body, mind, and spirit.

Getting Started with Healing Crystals 

Are you ready to enhance your self-care rituals with crystals? A great place to start is by investing in a crystal that matches your zodiac sign

Or, consider choosing a crystal that aligns with your overall element, rather than your star sign for a more holistic effect. Not sure what your element is? Take the quiz here

We’ve made this easy by pairing each of our Once in a Pink Moon Skin Care Collections with a crystal that resonates with that element. Simply choose your element and enjoy a comprehensive skin care ritual and healing crystal:

While crystals may be trending, they have been a powerful part of ancient healing rituals for centuries. Try using a crystal in your self-care rituals then let us know – what crystal did you use and what was your experience?

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