Self-Care for Your Star Sign 101: TAURUS

Self-Care for Your Star Sign 101: TAURUS

For a sign that loves nature, beauty, and the finer things in life, there’s no shortage of self-care rituals for the Taurus! Read on to discover how you can embrace your earthy nature with holistic self-care tips, products, and rituals.

Self-Care Tips for Taureans

  1. Stay close to the earth.
    Taurus is an earth sign that thrives on connection with nature. As such, you’ll find that the closer you are to the earth in your self-care practices, the more renewed and at peace you’ll feel. Spend time outside whenever possible, and enjoy earthy scents, botanical ingredients, and nature-centered practices.

  2. Indulge intentionally.
    The sign of Taurus is often synonymous with indulgence. They have exceptional palates and know good food, wine, and art when they see it. But when you have a knack for seeking out all the good things in life, it’s all too easy to overindulge! Keep your balance by creating self-care rituals that do the body good. Build your daily self-care practices around nurturing activities, rather than treats

  3. Make movement a priority.
    Taureans often get a bad rap as stubborn bulls. This often comes from too much stress or a feeling that their freedom is in jeopardy. When a Taurus feels overwhelmed or taken advantage of, they may dig in their heels as an act of self-preservation. Unfortunately, this tendency can exacerbate your stress and cause even more friction – mind, body, and soul.

    To remain a calm and flexible bull, make movement a self-care priority. Plan a daily morning run, practice yoga, or even take a few breaks outside through the day to get your blood flowing (and keep stress at bay). 


Self-Care Products for Taureans 

  • Malaya Organics Advanced Repair Mask
    Made with detoxifying clays and nine reparative herbs, this facial mask is as close as Taureans can get to a mud bath at home! It’s perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive, irritated, or stressed skin.

    The Ritual
    Put your hair back with the tencel spa headband and brush this earthy mixture onto moist, freshly cleansed skin. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes while you practice gentle neck stretches (the Taurus’s most vulnerable area) or meditate. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

  • Five Seasons TCM Smooth Digestion Culinary TCM Tonic Bags
    It’s no secret that Taureans love food. Whether you’re a self-certified home chef or a takeaway aficionado, Smooth Digestion Culinary TCM Tonic Bags help you make delicious meals that double as a healing self-care experience.

    These tonic bags contain carefully curated Chinese herbs that work synergistically to heal your gut (as well as boost energy, support your immune system, and regulate your hormones) from the inside out. The Smooth Digestion Tonic Bags are particularly good for Taureans who tend to overindulge or want to improve their digestive health.

    The Ritual
    Add a culinary tonic bag to your favorite soup, stew, or congee. You can also boil the tonic bag to make tonic-infused water that you use to cook rice or make sauces. Or, simply sip it as a warm tea or use them to stir up a delicious and healthy after-work mocktail. 
  • Pink Moon Midnight Melody Hair + Body Oil
    Taurus is the first sign of spring in bloom. As such, Taureans are inspired and revived by nature’s power and beauty. Midnight Melody Hair + Body Oil offers a dreamy floral self-care experience that taps into Taureans’ love for beauty and sensuality.

    Midnight Melody Hair + Body Oil is made with softening, hydrating botanical oils that stimulate self-love and respect for your body’s natural beauty. Taureans will also appreciate the balance between uplifting and grounding scents of ylang-ylang, amber, sweet orange, and petitgrain – a unique aromatherapy blend made just for Pink Moon.

    The Ritual
    Like Taureans themselves, Midnight Melody Hair + Body Oil is practical. Use it for at least 4 different self-care rituals:

    • Relieve tense muscles with the oil and gua sha massage
    • Perfume your bath for enhanced relaxation and softer skin
    • Add shine and softness to your hair
    • Soften and nourish cuticles and improve nail health

Self-Care Fun for Taureans 

Sometimes self-care can be as simple as lathering on a face mask and escaping into another world for a while. For Taureans, let’s make that world full of pleasure and beauty! 

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Curious about the best self-care practices for a different sign? Stay tuned for more zodiac self-care tips in our series!


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