Sagittarius - Pink Moon

Self-Care for Your Star Sign 101: Sagittarius

By Kate Downes, LAc TCM Practitioner

The free-spirited Sagittarius may seem to have it all figured out. But like any sign, Sagittarius souls need to recalibrate regularly to continue to feel like their adventurous, generous, optimistic selves. If you have a sun, moon, or rising sign in Sagittarius (or are feeling particularly Centaurian), follow these self-care tips from now until the winter solstice.

Self-Care Tips for Sagittarius

  1. Make rest an activity.
    Eager Sagittariuses love to be on the move. They don’t tend to stay in one place or activity too long, there’s just so much to explore! But too much restless energy can lead to burn you out if you don’t make time for breaks. Remember this: the world can be experienced just as much through rest as it can with play. Stop to smell the roses, and honor rest as an “activity” all on its own.

  2. Let your mind (and body) wander.
    Of all the signs, Sagittarius is often the most adventurous. So why not make wanderlust part of your self-care ritual? Travel is medicine for the Sagittarius soul. Schedule regular excursions to free your mind and open your heart – whether that’s to exotic lands, new local neighborhoods, or a totally different world (by way of a good book).

  3. Stay curious.
    Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittariuses are hungry for knowledge – especially when it comes to personal growth, spirituality, and other cultures. When stress or busyness take over, spend time with your inquisitive inner child to restore your faith in the world. Weave learning into your self-care routine to feed your mind’s curiosity. 

Self-Care Products for Sagittarius 

  • Once in a Pink Moon Sagittarius Moisturizer
    This expertly-formulated moisturizer is perfect for any Sagittarius, no matter how sensitive your skin may be. Inspired by the bold and daring Fire signs (which include Sagittarius), this moisturizer calms redness and strengthens the skin barrier. Fueled by awakening and high-performing ingredients to take your skin and sense on a sensory journey.

    The Ritual
    Sagittarius loves adventure and hates stagnation. Let the ginseng, green coffee, and hibiscus in this moisturizer take you on a sensory journey. Exercise is a crucial self-care practice to keep Sagittarius’s restless energy in control. And because the Archer rules the thighs, buttocks, and hips, these areas deserve some special attention. Practice hip-opening yoga, horse stance, hiking, cycling, and dancing to release stagnant tension. Or better yet, connect with your inner Centaur and go horseback riding.

  • Activist Skincare Healing Water Toning Mist
    If you’re a jet-setting Sag, you probably know that travel isn’t always friendly on your skin. The hyaluronic acid + MSM-based hydrating toning mist comes to the rescue. Keep your skin hydrated and calm from airport to hotel and beyond (it lasts up to 72 hours!).

    The Ritual
    When you pack for your next trip, don’t forget this tiny travel companion. Simply spray a small amount on your face anytime you need a hydrating refresh. Plus, the soothing mist has a light and pleasant cucumber, lavender, and calendula aroma that won’t offend your aisle mate like perfumes or artificially scented beauty products. Then, settle in with a cultural documentary until it’s time to disembark and start your adventure.

  • Pink Moon x Momi Sweet Sunshine Shampoo + Wash + Bath
    Sagittarius, your glowing fire energy brightens even the darkest and chilliest of winter days. But sometimes you need a little help creating that sunshine you exude. Use this multitasking Sweet Sunshine as your go-to shampoo, body wash, or even bubble bath when you need a botanical pick-me-up. It blends uplifting citrus notes from our Sweet Sunshine scent (formerly Drops of Sunshine) with hydrating botanicals like pomegranate seed oil, ginkgo biloba, shiitake mushroom, wakame, and more.

    The Ritual
    Rekindle your natural positivity with a self-care bath. Pour a small amount of Sweet Sunshine into the warm running water and put on a mood-boosting guided meditation. Settle in to enjoy the benefits of a restful, mindful moment while aromatherapy restores your naturally sunny outlook.

Self-Care Fun for Sagittarius 

Fun-loving Sagittariuses don’t need much convincing to enjoy the sweet life. Try these to let the good times roll while nourishing your soul. 

Listen to this… On Being podcast. 

Read this… The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho 

Watch this… The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)


Curious about the best self-care practices for a different sign? Stay tuned for more zodiac self-care tips in our series!