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Pink Moon: More Than An Online Beauty Store

As a woman, your wellcare needs are as ever changing as your life is. On the journey to discovering what works best for you, it might sometimes feel like you’re being bombarded with products and contradicting information. It can get overwhelming, right?  

Here at Pink Moon, we believe that every woman should have support on her personal journey to wellcare. Self-care should always be fun, comforting and never frightening. We want to provide you with a space where you can feel safe and welcomed, one that also allows you to discover a curation of sustainably crafted products for your skin, family and home. We believe in a world where every woman recognizes and owns her beauty and strength, no matter where she is on her path. That's why in our online beauty store, you have the option to shop by phase of life, as opposed to age. 

By now, you may already be aware of how important it is to choose products made with eco-friendly ingredients. Are you also aware of the language that you’re feeding your mind? Unfortunately, many companies tend to use fear-based marketing and body-shaming messaging – something we’ve consciously chosen to steer far away from and replace with compassion-based beauty and self-love. Because we don’t ever want you to feel like you have to throw everything out from your vanity or makeup bag all at once, you’ll never see a “clean swap” or 'banned ingredients' list around here. Our goal is to educate and present to you the alternatives available in our online beauty store. It’s up to you to make the switch when you feel like the time is right.

Additionally, we don't believe in fighting signs of aging or covering up physical 'flaws'. We aim to reframe this narrative the conventional beauty industry has been telling us women for decades, and help you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. We focus on healthy skin, not anti-aging. We celebrate women from all walks of life and want to help facilitate moments that remind you of your magic and inherent worthiness.

Your wellness shopping experience should be enjoyable, not overwhelming. We made it our mission to guide you through this process by going ahead and doing the research to make it easy for you to find eco-friendly, yet still gentle and effective options. In our curated online beauty store, you’ll find sustainable products from all over the world. We’re proud to say that over 30% of our brands are founded and run by women of color (WOC), a percentage that will only continue to increase as our collection grows. Fun fact, the Pink Moon team is also incredibly diverse! Most of our partners and freelancers are brilliant WOC.

The fundamental goal at Pink Moon has always been to elevate female-founded brands that support sustainability, philanthropy, and holistic wellness. With the establishment of our online beauty store, we wanted to be sure that we could make high performing products accessible for every woman. Self-care should never be cost prohibitive. At, you’ll find high-quality wellness products that match your personal lifestyle and needs at a range of price points, many of which are under $50

Wellness goes beyond the self. When you shop with us, you have the chance to give back to charities through our partnership with Givz, a social impact platform that connects businesses to philanthropic organizations. 

Ready to begin your journey to wellcare? Start by taking our free skincare consultation!

PS. We’re constantly inspired to improve our values of compassion, community, inclusivity, and transformative self-care. Have any ideas on how we can do better? Send us an e-mail or a DM, your feedback is always welcomed!

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