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Meet môme care: Gentle Skincare for Children & Beyond

Originally developed for children, pre-teens and teenagers, môme care is a line of natural skin and body care products that grows with you and your family. From childhood to adolescence, there’s something for each step of the way that supports a healthy body, both inside and out.

The idea to create skincare for children first came to founder France Crespin when she began looking for a deodorant for her own teenagers. Unsure of the controversial ingredients in adult options, she noticed in her search that deodorants and natural skincare for children and teens were essentially nonexistent. This lack fueled her mission to create môme care so that she would be able to offer eco friendly, accessible products not only for her own family, but for yours as well. She began to develop formulas according to what she wanted for her children at home: formulas that were hardworking, yet gentle and free of unwanted additives. Fast forward to today, her products continue to be crafted according to her three-fold principle: one of safety, efficiency and durability in her partner laboratory in France.

So, how did we come across môme care? During the product research phase Lin was looking all over the map for a line of skincare for children that was versatile enough for your whole family. She was determined to discover a natural line that would be multipurpose, yet practical and cost-efficient. At one point, it almost seemed like she wouldn’t find it. That was until her fellow beauty maven and good friend Lola (@thehermeshippie) introduced her to môme. 

Lola, who sung their praises high, revealed that her teenage son had been using môme care for some time to keep his acne-prone skin balanced. Upon further research and trying out the products herself, Lin was quickly swept off her feet with its high quality results and dreamy scent – exactly what you would expect from a French skincare brand. Needless to say, this line of skincare for children exceeded anything she imagined she’d find, and at an affordable price point. It only felt natural to welcome môme care to the Pink Moon curation. 

It’s never too early to enjoy the feel-good effects of self-care. A brand like môme care allows you to effortlessly show your children the importance of being aware of what you put on your body. It shows them that taking time to tend to your mind and body matters. 

You’ll also love that their creams are all multipurpose; they can be applied on the face, body and hands. And, all the formulas are boosted with the most gentle vitamin C. What’s more, although they’re formulated with certain ages in mind, anyone can use them. We actually find ourselves applying Indispensable Cream S (for 5-10 year olds) when our skin feels a bit drier than usual! 

Learn more about môme care’s line of effective skincare for children below and our upcoming giveaway with Lola.

Protect: Indispensable Cream S (Age 5-10): Gentle and lightweight, this cream is perfect for the smallest members of your family. Loofah oil, bitter almond oil and shea butter nourish and moisturize their sensitive skin, while Lipexel®, an oil rich in linoleic acid, restores and protects. This cream indicates for 5-10 year olds, but children as young as 3 can use it!

Regulate: Indispensable Cream M (Age 10-15): Is your child seeing the effects of hormonal changes on his/her skin? This cream works to help maintain a balanced and smooth complexion with its restorative blend of loofah seed oil and gently exfoliating allantoin. Blackheads are kept at bay thanks to a combination of vitamin C and Onativ’® (an organic apple water complex).

Beautify: Indispensable Cream L (Age 15+): Keep your teenager’s skin healthy and clear with this antibacterial, non-comedogenic cream. Backed by vitamin C and Givobio™ GZN, an efficacious duo that joins zinc and gluconate to restore and heal, it’s ideal for acne-prone complexions.

Indispensable Roll-On Deo: A mild, hardworking deodorant for the whole family (from 12 years old). Even the most sensitive of skin can enjoy its fresh, unisex, delicate scent that's free of essential oils. Its pH neutral formula helps to preserve the balance of your skin’s microbiome while cornstarch keeps your underarms dry.

With its convenient refillable bottle, this deodorant can easily be refilled with a recharge. A plus for the planet and your wallet! Also available as a bundle.


môme care and founder France have dedicated themselves to serving causes they feel most drawn to. As a brand, they have donated 400 units of Indispensable Cream S to the healthcare workers in Boston’s Mass General Hospital. On her own time, France volunteers a few times a week at the Boston Food Bank. 

To celebrate the newest addition to Pink Moon, we’re teaming up with Lola and môme care to bring you a giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a set with the following: Protect: Indispensable Cream S, Regulate: Indispensable Cream M, Beautify: Indispensable Cream L and Indispensable Roll-On Deo.

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