Pink Moon Celestial Sun Brew Rose Tea

Meet Celestial Sun Brew, A 100% Organic Herbal Tea from Pink Moon

Preparing a cup of tea is one of the most comforting rituals. A pleasure no matter the time of day, a tea ritual makes for a moment of peace in your daily self-care plan.

Introducing Celestial Sun Brew: The newest addition to the Pink Moon collection, our organic herbal tea. 

This launch is especially close to our founder Lin’s heart, as drinking tea is a special part of her culture and upbringing. Besides being flavorful and definitely more exciting than water, she loves that teas have so many benefits. Celestial Sun Brew is no exception. 

She carefully chose each ingredient and researched their benefits not only for skin and hair, but also for physical, emotional and mental health to create a beverage that can holistically support your self-care plan. 

What’s more, these botanicals nourish skin and hair from both the inside and outside. That means our organic herbal tea can also be used topically like a hydrosol, facial steam or hair rinse. 

Multipurpose, kind to the planet, and for your wellbeing. If we could bottle up the essence of Pink Moon, this would be it. 

What’s in the tin?

Celestial Sun Brew is a refreshing blend of 100% organic loose leaf botanicals celebrated for promoting wellbeing, boosting immunity and supporting healthy skin and hair. A cooling brew that helps your body get rid of excess heat, this organic herbal tea was created to be enjoyed on warmer days.

Featuring mildly sweet rose buds, fruity rose hips, citrusy notes of vibrant lemon peel and hints of peppery holy basil (tulsi), each sip is soothing, spirit-warming and pure sensory satisfaction. 

To safeguard Celestial Sun Brew’s health-boosting botanicals, each batch comes housed in a refillable tin. Inside, a compostable pouch helps keep them fresh and maintain their potency. 

Meet the ingredients

Rose buds: Refreshing, high vibrational and packed with vitamin C, rose buds are known to help uplift your mood, boost your digestion and stimulate blood circulation. 

When applied topically to your hair, these fragrant flowers help soften, reduce oiliness and add shine. On your skin, its anti-inflammatory properties calm irritation and redness.

Rosehips: This botanical promotes the healing of dry, compromised skin and soothes the symptoms of flare ups from psoriasis and eczema. An astringent that provides powerful antioxidants, rosehips nourish dry tresses and help restore their luster. 

Lemon peel: Besides adding a little zest and a detoxifying effect for skin, body and hair, lemon peel is packed with citric acid, known to address acne-causing bacteria.

Thanks to its acidic nature and anti-fungal properties, this ingredient also supports strong strands by tightening and keeping hair follicles clean.

Holy basil (Tulsi): Antiseptic and antimicrobial, this adaptogenic herb is a scalp savior. Tulsi helps maintain moisture, wards off itchiness and dryness and strengthens hair follicles. 

Its adaptogenic qualities help the body balance stress and reduce associated inflammation. Referred to as an “elixir of life” and the “Mother Medicine of Nature” in Ayurveda, tulsi offers an array of benefits for the mind, body and spirit. 

Celestial Sun Brew

How to use Celestial Sun Brew 

Tea: Pour yourself a mug to cool down your body and get a dose of immunity-boosting antioxidants. For a chilled beverage, leave 4 tablespoons in 1 quart of water overnight in the refrigerator. You’ll have a refreshing drink waiting for you when you wake up!

Switch things up with a squeeze of lemon, your sweetener of choice or a dash of plant milk.

Facial steam and hydrosol: To make a facial steam, boil 3-4 cups of water in a pot, then transfer to a glass bowl and add 1-2 tablespoons of Celestial Sun Brew. 

Before draping a towel over your head and the pot, make sure the temperature is just right for you. Holding your face 5-6 inches away from the water, steam for 5-10 minutes. Tip: Reuse a batch of tea that has already been steeped.  

Once it’s cooled down, strain and pour the liquid into a glass bottle. You can use this as a hydrosol or a hair rinse to maintain healthy, hydrated skin and hair.

Hair rinse: Rinsing your hair after shampooing can help remove any excess build up from your scalp, encourage hair growth and keep flakiness and dryness at bay. Mix in a little organic apple cider vinegar to get even more purifying benefits. A hair rinse is especially beneficial if you use solid shampoo!