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Collaborator for Change: Tricia / Happily Ever Style

At Pink Moon, we place a high value on community and giving back. As a matter of fact, from the moment we decided to create our digital wellcare space, we knew we wanted to create a unique initiative that fused these two values together. Our ultimate goal was to create something that would allow meaningful and far reaching change birthed from collaboration.

For us, this meant putting a spin on the traditional affiliate program structure. 

The amazing women that we work with were chosen very intentionally. We have a lot of respect for the women we have partnered with, and, more often than not, have been admirers of their contributions to the beauty space for years. 

We are excited to partner with Tricia Chen, who is a NYC based slow lifestyle influencer / blogger and founder of a boutique influencer marketing agency, Once Upon. Tricia is also a dear friend of Lin's and a fellow Taiwanese American! Follow Tricia on IG and check out her blog Happily Ever Style.


Pink Moon: Tell us a little bit about you and your platform. 

Tricia: Hi, everyone! My name is Tricia and I'm the founder and creator at Happily Ever Style, a platform that focuses on slow fashion, skincare, and other feel-good inspirational content. I'm also the founder of Once Upon, a boutique influencer marketing agency that specializes in working with small businesses.

Born in California, I went to an international school in Taiwan and went to college and graduate school in the U.K.; 5 years ago, I moved to New York, where I'm currently based. 

Pink Moon: How has self care positively impacted your life? 

Tricia: Regularly dedicating time to take care of my body and my mind has helped me find balance on a daily basis. I strongly believe in the importance of maintaining balance in all aspects of life - not just work-life balance - and making sure that I feel good inside and out is a crucial part of that. 

I see my self care routines as solutions to the struggles I sometimes come across. When I wake up feeling restless, for instance, I listen to a guided meditation as I complete my morning skincare routine. Or when I'm feeling stressed, I light a candle and take a hot bath before bedtime. In 2020, I started actively practicing gratitude by writing down what I'm grateful for in my planner every morning. This simple task has had such a positive impact on how I start my day - in general, I find myself feeling a lot less anxious!

Pink Moon: Since you are one of our Collaborators for Change, what charity have you chosen to work with? Why?

Tricia: On a regular basis, I donate to organizations that support and help children. However, as a Collaborator for Change, I have chosen to work with WomanKind, an organization that I became aware of through Pink Moon. As an Asian American woman, I understand that sometimes it can be extremely difficult for victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse to speak up, especially when there are language and cultural barriers. The organization offers survivors of gender-based violence an opportunity to live and build a safe life, and I think what they're doing is extraordinary.

I've come across countless articles in 2020 covering the concerning rise in numbers of domestic abuse cases (both women and children) and that is another reason why I decided to support WomanKind. Since everyone has been staying home, the victims have no one to turn to for help. People say "stay home, stay safe" in regards to the coronavirus, but those being abused are "trapped" in fear and danger.

Pink Moon: What are your favorite products in the Pink Moon shop (or what are you most interested in/excited to try)?

Tricia: There are too many products from the Pink Moon shop that I'm obsessed with! Some of my top favorites include Over The Moon Facial Oil by Pink Moon, Clair de Lune Candle by Pink Moon x Le Coco, Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover by Malaya Organics, Herbal Facial Polish by Malaya Organics, and Beeswax Lip Balm by Lhamour

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