Beyond Beauty: Intro to Reiki & Spiritual Skincare

Beyond Beauty: Intro to Reiki & Spiritual Skincare

Reiki is a vehicle that leads you towards healing, one that invites you to turn towards the light of the present and make peace with the dark of the past. A treatment gives you the opportunity to uncover messages that might be hidden deep in your energetic body. It can allow you to repair wounds that have not yet scarred.

Clearing these blockages disguised as messages and wounds, may help you to connect back with your inner self, develop your self-perception and, eventually, improve your relationships, both with yourself and those around you. You might even become better able to use your own energy as a guide while creating the life you envision for yourself.

Learn more about the benefits of this ancient healing modality and how you can make it a part of your self-care plan. Meet us on April 17 at 2pm EDT for a virtual reiki workshop with Jackie Ho, a certified reiki master. 

Your virtual seat includes a 1 hour reiki workshop and a kit that comes with:

- One energetically charged perfume oil of your choice: Choose from Over the Moon, Drops of Sunshine or Midnight Melody

- 8% donation to Heart of Dinner, see below for more details

Each compact glass bottle is complimented by an intuitively selected crystal and a matching roller ball to support your different spiritual and energetic needs. To increase the crystal’s natural healing vibrations, Jackie will imbue each one with reiki. You’ll be able to carry the support of reiki long after the workshop and easily incorporate its benefits into your self-care plan. 

We recommend choosing the one you that calls the most to you. 

Over the Moon: Features rose quartz, celebrated for boosting unconditional love, self-love, emotional healing, and serenity.

Midnight Melody: Features amethyst which is known as the sleep crystal and helps to increase balance and peace while opening up the third eye; amethyst.

Drops of Sunshine: Powered by sunny yellow topaz, November’s birthstone, to invite more fortune, harmony and positivity into your life.  

Pink Moon Perfume Oils - Natural Perfume

We’ll be giving back. This time, 8% of proceeds will be donated to Heart of Dinner. A non-profit organization that works to fight hunger and isolation in NYC’s elderly Asian American community, each week volunteers prepare, cook and hand-deliver care packages that include hot lunches, fresh produce and a handwritten letter in Chinese or Korean.

Up ahead, we asked Jackie to share more about her experience, the magic behind this healing practice and to walk us through what reiki is.

A multi-hyphenated talent from Los Angeles, Jackie Ho is known through social media as Model Baker. An ex-pastry chef turned writer who now translates baking as a metaphor for the mindfulness and exploration of life, she specializes in love, relationships and self-esteem. 

Becoming a reiki master solidified her path as a leader in personal transformation, helping others integrate their shadows to bring out more of their light. 

Storytelling is her modus operandi, so you’ll also find her acting, modeling and producing projects. With her sign in the fiery Aries, she bakes everything that makes her feel alive into her life.

Q: First of all, what is reiki and where does it originate from?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that uses the hands as the main conductor of qi, or “life force energy,” to reduce stress, harmonize and balance the energies of the emotional body, otherwise known as your soul. 

Reiki is thousands of years old. However, even though its lineage is commonly attributed to the teachings and healings of Usui Sensei, a Buddhist monk, its origins are still muddled a little in mystery.

Similar to the brushstrokes of a watercolor painting inside and out of the soul, the Reiki known and practiced today follows a methodology that emphasizes the function of the hands and the application of symbols.

Jackie Ho reiki

Q: Tell us about your most memorable experience as a reiki practitioner.

It happened before I knew anything about Reiki. It was winter 2017 in Los Angeles after returning from a trip to Vietnam to visit family. That trip felt like a journey through the dark night of the soul. I unraveled so many painful layers. 

Once out of the process, I was inspired to find community and joined this unique hiking and healing collective, The Wildfire Initiative. Through them, I was able to transmute my emotions with the power of breathwork, to channel and focus my qi

I befriended two women who when they were sharing their deep, personal life lessons, I saw their auras manifest in front of me. One was soft and lush with butterflies gently resting alongside her head and shoulders. I was called to lay my hand on the back of my other friend to soothe her. Upon doing so, I channeled powerful images from her childhood. It seemed as if her soul was floating in self-purgatory.

I left that night seeing the first symbol of Reiki without realizing what it was. After that, the visions increased and the accuracy of my energy readings sharpened. Life just continued to give me signs to follow Reiki as a personal practice to help others. 

Q: What happens during a reiki session and what are some of its benefits?

A session really varies depending on the practitioner and their unique skills set, so I can only speak about my own personal style. 

My sessions take place in 2 parts, each 45 minutes. The first part is for application of reiki, while the second one is reserved for recapping and therapy with tarot and oracle cards. The second part is necessary to help you remember the messages you must absorb and look back on in order to reflect on your growth or see where you need to continue doing inner work.

To begin, you lead your own breathwork to settle down into a safe mental space. Out of respect, I mute myself and turn off my video window. I can always feel when you slip into a meditative state during this time, based off of what I initially read from your energy field. Once you’re ready, I’ll read your aura to prepare you for “soul surgery” where I doctor each one of your chakras, from crown to root.

One of the main benefits of a reiki treatment is that it can invite you to feel more empowered to take action toward remedying your life and refining your goals. Some of the feedback I’ve gotten after a session includes feeling an immense weight being lifted while feeling more open and happier. It means a lot to me when someone comes back to say that they feel more like themselves, more whole, and that’s what we all want: Wholeness.

I’d also like to note that I may be a Reiki Master, but I am not a Master of Reiki. Reiki has chosen me to be a humble vessel. Reiki will guide and dictate what I need to do.

Q: Can reiki be done long distance?

Absolutely! I was virtually attuned through all three levels and have only performed healings through Zoom. It’s very appropriate in The Age of Aquarius being that technology has paved the way for so many inventive ways to connect. I hope that I’m able to do in-person sessions after quarantine is lifted, however, it has been a fulfilling experience nonetheless.

I also want to note that the energy transfer isn’t polluted at all. Reiki supersedes any barriers when the intentions behind its facilitation are honorable and pure. It’s a life force itself and life happens everywhere through anything, animate or not.

Q: How does reiki support physical and mental health?

I believe that reiki first supports emotional health. Its force resonates through the mental and then the physical in a harmonious system. 

Emotions are powerful storytellers in the healing process and we’re either hindered or helped by the stories we carry within ourselves. Reiki helps to ease the tensions from the negative ones that often manifest in physical ailments from stress and anxiety such as headaches, back pains, muscle aches and fatigue. From there, reiki supports the physical body by releasing the emotional body of its energetic wounds.


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