March Mini Scopes


By Crystal Duan, spiritual strategist and astrologer

This month, three long transits are happening: Mars leaves Gemini, Saturn goes into Pisces, and Pluto goes into Aquarius. It’s a big month for everyone with longtime transits shifting, with profound changes to welcome wisdom, awakening, freedom and soul healing on the way!

Aquarius - Are you feeling harsh restrictions from the outside world lift in some way? Do you feel like your creative blocks have subsided? This is the time to marvel at shifts.

Self-care: Move slowly. Speak slowly, eat slowly, breathe slowly, love slowly.

Pisces - Did you feel like a train knocked over your self-concept and reset your nervous system? You also need to move slowly — appreciate the work you’re always doing in this regard!

Self-care: Remind yourself if you’re seeking solutions to your problems over valuing emotions.

Aries - Are you energized lately? Do you see ways to regain your energy? Continue following where your center goes — it’s calling you to a greater purpose you might not expect!

Self-care: Apply Sweet Sunshine Perfume Oil to inspire new opportunities and call in prosperity.

Taurus - If you feel like picking a fight with people, refrain from doing so until Mars leaves Gemini. Then, ask yourself if you’re mad at others or really just mad at yourself.

Self-care: Yoga would help refresh you this month.

Gemini - Grounding will be important as you feel a lot of pent up energy burst out of you. If you feel super angsty right now, it’s for a reason! Acknowledge it and breathe.

Self-care: Play music to soothe your soul.

Cancer - Don’t drown in the worries of yesterday. Even if you don’t think you are nostalgic/think you’re over it, honoring the past doesn’t mean we have to live in reaction to it. Your inner critic is wounded and needs some love.

Self-care: Keep a dream journal this month.

Leo - Massage your body and give your somatic self some TLC. You’ve been fighting an opposition for the past few years, but you might see some relief and feel people are less hard on you in the near future!

Self-care: The shower is a sanctuary as well as a place of reflection. Love yourself there!

Virgo - If you think everyone around you has been MIA and taking some time to themselves lately, it’s a call to yourself to go inward and finally sit with your inner critic. What is she saying today? Don’t try battling with her: be grateful she can keep you grounded, even if you don’t agree with her!

Self-care: Nature might be a good place for you to ground right now.

Libra - Trust yourself and your instincts this month. Your belief system might be shifting a ton, so your somatic system will, too. Believe all is well and don’t let yourself be a pessimist!

Self-care: Take yourself on a date and honor what comes up. What do you really want to eat? Do for fun? Say to yourself?

Scorpio - Cry. A lot. It’s okay if people see, too. You’re constantly grieving, so don’t let anyone take that from you.

Self-care: Read the biographies of people you admire and discover similarities.

Sagittarius - Walk down memory lane and thank your past self for how you became the person you want to be. Understand the discipline you’ve gained over the years because of the ways your past self talks to you!

Self-care: Don’t plan this month — try doing things and then reflecting deeply on why you wanted to do them! The best way to achieve your goals.

Capricorn - Be patient with yourself. Don’t be too eager to reap the rewards of your labor. The best is yet to come… if you have faith, you’ll see the seeds bloom!

Self-care: Eat your favorite food and do your favorite self-care skin ritual. Have you tried our Capricorn Moisturizer?