By Stephanie Whaley, Founder & Astrologer @ Oromoon



Dear Aries, as Gemini season unfolds, you're prompted to keep your mind active and curiosity piqued. This is a time for gathering new information, expanding your local environment, and engaging in stimulating conversations that provoke fresh perspectives.


Gemini's intellectual and adaptable energy complements your fiery spirit, providing a platform for you to voice your ideas and explore new interests. Whether it's picking up a new book, enrolling in an online course, or merely engaging in lively debates, this season encourages you to dive into your mental pursuits.

This season may also ignite your desire for movement and exploration. Your adventurous nature could be drawn to short trips or outdoor activities, giving you a fresh perspective and new experiences.


Self-Care Tip: With the increase in mental activity, it’s crucial to balance it out with physical movement. Plan some adventurous outings or embrace the great outdoors in a way that suits you, such as hiking, biking, or camping. If you prefer quieter activities, stimulate your brain with challenging puzzles or engrossing novels. The goal is to keep both your mind and body active, encouraging a state of overall well-being.





Dear Taurus, Gemini season encourages you to assess your resources, both material and immaterial. This is a time to take stock of what you value most–be it financial security, personal relationships, or your own talents. Gemini’s communicative energy will aid in expressing your needs and establishing stronger connections with those around you.


During this period, you might find yourself busier than usual with tasks related to personal finances or negotiations. The key is to approach these with the natural practicality and patience of Taurus, combined with the adaptability and wit of Gemini. This season is an invitation to embrace change, while remaining grounded in your own worth.


Self-Care Tip: Engage in activities that provide sensory pleasure and relaxation. This could be a calming nature walk, a culinary adventure with new recipes, or a pampering beauty ritual. The goal is to nourish your senses and cultivate joy, while ensuring your overall wellbeing is prioritized.





Dear Gemini, as your season unfolds, you are enveloped in an energy that fosters increased communication, curiosity, and connection. Gemini season is a catalyst for you to explore your intellectual interests, voice your thoughts, and seek out conversations that stimulate your mind. Your dual nature thrives during this time, making it perfect for finding balance between work and leisure.


The social butterfly in you will truly come alive as you feel the urge to engage more with your community, and perhaps even expand your social circle. Don't shy away from this drive for social interaction; instead, embrace it and see where these new connections may lead you. Utilize this time to share your innovative ideas and be open to listening to others' perspectives. You never know when inspiration might strike.


Self-Care Tip: Feed your restless mind by diving into a new book or learning a new skill. This will satisfy your need for variety and mental stimulation. Find activities that stimulate both your mental and physical energy like dancing, painting or learning to play a musical instrument. The key here is to explore a multitude of interests…you never know where these new paths may lead.





Dear Cancer, as Gemini season unfolds, it puts a spotlight on your inner world, dreams, and subconscious thoughts. This is a season for reflecting on your past, recognizing patterns, and finding wisdom in introspection. Gemini’s communicative nature can help you express your deep insights and intuitive understanding more effectively, fostering a deeper connection with your own inner self.


This time can be used for emotional healing and growth. You might find it beneficial to delve into self-exploration and analysis. Harness the intellectual curiosity of Gemini to further understand your emotional nature and the root of your feelings.


Self-Care Tip: Prioritize self-reflection and calming practices. This could mean incorporating mindful meditation or gua sha into your daily ritual, journaling your thoughts and dreams, or perhaps spending time in a peaceful outdoor setting. Make time for quiet moments where you can listen to your intuition and nurture your emotional health. The goal is to create a sanctuary within your mind where you can recharge, find clarity, and nurture your emotional wellbeing.





Dear Leo, as Gemini season commences, it ignites your aspirations, friendships, and community connections. This is a season for expanding your social horizons and pursuing shared goals. Gemini's communicative nature will encourage you to express your ideas, desires, and leadership skills more eloquently, ultimately fostering deeper and more dynamic connections within your community.


During Gemini season, you may find that your natural charisma and sunny disposition become even more magnetic. Embrace this energy by participating in group activities, collaborating on common goals, and communicating your ideas with enthusiasm and confidence. This is also an ideal time to strengthen your social network and to build towards your future aspirations.


Self-Care Tip: Amidst the social whirlwind of Gemini season, prioritize time to relax and recharge. This could mean treating yourself to a pampering session at home, engaging in activities that foster joy and creativity, or perhaps just taking a leisurely walk in the sunshine. The goal is to ensure you maintain a balance between social engagement and personal rest and rejuvenation, nurturing your inner radiance.





Dear Virgo, as Gemini season blossoms, it brings into focus your career aspirations and public image. This is a season for articulating your professional goals, showcasing your skills, and harnessing the power of your work ethic. Gemini's intellectual and communicative nature can help you express your ambitions and ideas more effectively, ultimately fostering deeper connections within your professional circles and enhancing your public standing.


Gemini season may bring an influx of new ideas, tasks, and opportunities in your professional life. Harness the flexibility and adaptability of Gemini to navigate these dynamics while maintaining your inherent Virgoan eye for detail and precision.


Self-Care Tip: Amid the professional hustle and bustle, ensure to prioritize relaxation and self-care. This could mean setting aside time for a quiet dinner at home, taking mindful breaks during work hours, or perhaps diving into a good book. The goal is to create a space where you can recharge and maintain your mental clarity, while also nurturing your overall wellbeing.





Dear Libra, as Gemini season commences, it lights up your ninth house, representing exploration, learning, and broader horizons. This is a season for embarking on intellectual adventures and seeking new experiences that enrich your understanding of the world. Gemini's curious and communicative nature can help you engage in meaningful dialogues and express your ideas more effectively, ultimately leading to deeper connections with diverse cultures, philosophies, and domains of knowledge.


During this time, your inherent love for balance and harmony may find you mediating diverse viewpoints and seeking a fair understanding of complex issues. Embrace this energy and be open to the learning opportunities it brings.


Self-Care Tip: To balance the intellectual stimulation, make sure to prioritize relaxation and self-care. This could mean practicing yoga to maintain physical and mental balance, reading a book that allows you to explore different perspectives, or even planning a future trip to a place you've never been before. The goal is to create an atmosphere where you can recharge, expand your horizons, and nurture your innate curiosity.





Dear Scorpio, as Gemini season unfolds, it stirs up your eighth house, representing transformation, shared resources, and deep emotional connections. This is a season for exploring deeper layers of intimacy, delving into personal transformation, and managing shared resources. Gemini's articulate and communicative nature can help you express your desires, fears, and insights more effectively, fostering deeper and more meaningful bonds with those around you.


During this time, you may be called to balance your penetrating Scorpionic intuition with Gemini's light-hearted intellectual curiosity. This can lead to interesting self-discoveries and a deeper understanding of the people and the world around you.


Self-Care Tip: Amid the intense emotional exploration, ensure to prioritize relaxation and self-care. This could mean enjoying a peaceful bath with essential oils, practicing mindfulness or meditation, or perhaps diving into a captivating novel. The goal is to create a space where you can recharge and process your emotions, nurturing your deep, introspective nature.





Dear Sagittarius, as Gemini season comes into play, it illuminates your seventh house of relationships and partnerships. This is a season for connecting more deeply with others, exploring the dynamics of your relationships, and finding balance in partnerships. Gemini's open-minded and communicative nature can help you express your needs and perspectives more clearly, fostering healthier and more reciprocal connections with those around you.


During this season, you might be called to balance your inherent Sagittarian love for freedom and exploration with the need for communication and mutual understanding in your relationships. Remember, maintaining a balance is crucial for your overall growth and happiness.


Self-Care Tip: While nurturing your relationships, do not forget to prioritize self-care. This could mean taking a quiet walk in nature, indulging in a hobby you love, or spending an evening under the stars. The goal is to create a space where you can recharge and maintain a sense of personal freedom, even as you navigate your relationships.





Dear Capricorn, as Gemini season begins, it activates your sixth house, pertaining to health, work, and daily routines. This is a season for improving your well-being, streamlining your work processes, and finding joy in the everyday. Gemini’s adaptable and communicative nature can help you express your needs and ideas more effectively, both at your workplace and in your personal routines, ultimately fostering a sense of balance and harmony in your day-to-day life.


During this season, the dual nature of Gemini can assist you in balancing your professional ambitions with personal health and wellness. Remember, maintaining this equilibrium is essential for sustainable success and fulfillment.


Self-Care Tip: Prioritize health and self-care in your daily ritual. This could mean setting aside time for regular exercise, preparing nourishing meals, doing gua sha from head to toe, or perhaps reading a book that uplifts your spirit. The goal is to create a routine that nurtures your physical health, energizes your mind, and recharges your spirit.





Dear Aquarius, as Gemini season blossoms, there’s a natural stimulation of your intellectual curiosity and creativity. Embrace this enlightening season by engaging in intellectual dialogues, exploring diverse fields of knowledge, and allowing your unique perspective to be heard. This is the time to dive into your inventive ideas, to challenge the conventional, and to communicate your insights with vibrancy. Balancing both your innovative visions and practical implementation will be key to your success this season.


Gemini’s air energy resonates well with your own, amplifying your intellectual pursuits and desire for connection. Be open to collaborations and networking–the connections you make during this time could lead to exciting opportunities and advancements in your personal and professional life.


Self-Care Tip: Keep your mind active and fulfilled by embarking on a journey of learning. Whether it's picking up a new book, enrolling in an online course, or simply indulging in meaningful conversations, stay intellectually engaged. Also, take time for rejuvenation and grounding, perhaps through an earthy bath, meditation or forest bathing. Remember, maintaining a balance between mental stimulation and relaxation is vital during this season.





Dear Pisces, as Gemini season unfolds, it illuminates your immediate environment, your communication, and your thought processes. This is a season for seeking intellectual stimulation and expanding your mind, while still nurturing your emotional core. Gemini's quick-witted and communicative nature can inspire you to express your thoughts and ideas more openly, ultimately fostering deeper connections and mutual understanding with those around you.


During Gemini season you might find yourself gravitating towards interesting conversations, diverse readings, and perhaps even short trips. The key is to harness Gemini’s mental agility while maintaining your intuitive and empathetic Piscean qualities.


Self-Care Tip: While this season may stimulate your mind, it’s essential to balance this with activities that soothe your soul. Prioritize relaxation through practices like yoga or meditation, which can provide grounding amidst the lively energy of Gemini season. Indulge in creative activities like painting or writing to express your emotions and foster your inner peace. The goal is to cultivate a sense of balance between your intellectual curiosity and emotional wellbeing.