January Mini Scopes


By Crystal Duan, spiritual strategist and astrologer


Capricorn - You might see shifts in your values and your relationship with possessions. Be spontaneous about any projects you start; they matter!

Self-care: Honor your inner child by creating a sacred space to journal or draw. 

Aquarius - Cultivate and reflect on the person you want to be in 2023. Think about the ways you are hard on yourself. Embody this in the upcoming months.

Self-care: Take a bath and muse about what you want to take action on! 

Pisces - You might feel a little fatigued this month, so set boundaries with yourself and others who don’t align with your values. Keep a journal of the qualities for friendships that serve you.

Self-care: Try recording voice memos to get an alternative way of self-talk out there! 

Aries - You may feel some inspiration around creating community or seeing your friend groups come together! Just don’t be afraid to slow down – you’ve earned the ability to!

Self-care: Use crystals to create a self-love sanctuary. We love amethyst, carnelian, or rose quartz for this.

Taurus - Put a spotlight on yourself first before others. You’re independent and are usually doing your own thing, but now may be a great time to step up into a position of mentorship!

Self-care: Why not think about your identity? Try asking tarot cards.

Gemini - Shed your inhibitions and put the ideas on your heart out there. Let them manifest into reality!

Self-care: What better way to manifest dreams into reality than to use a grounding spray?

Cancer - You may feel like pulling away from existing relationships this month, even if nothing is wrong on the surface — don’t be alarmed! You just need space to reflect at this moment. Trust the distance and know that it won’t be forever.

Self-care: Make sure to keep a healthy distance from others and relieve your stress in any ways you can daily.

Leo - You’ll be decluttering those values that don’t spark joy. This is a good feeling to hold close to your heart for the rest of the year, so keep it up!

Self-care: Recharge in the Sun to remind yourself of who you are.

Virgo - You’re feeling the effects of wanting to use your brain vs. your body. Remember that if you have time to be anxious, you’re not keeping yourself busy enough — or, alternatively you’re burning yourself out by having too many things to manage. Which one of the two is it?

Self-care: Unwind with a sheet mask when you’re feeling drained; it will brighten your spirit, too!

Libra - You might want to start something new this month. Take a new dance class, improv class, or get into alternative finger painting. Go back to basics and refine how you show up in the world!

Self-care: Be in the practice of rewarding yourself in some way, with a lot of love for the body. Spa night, anyone?

Scorpio - This month, exercising will help you make the impact you want to see in the world! You’ll be able to communicate more clearly if you work out your angry energy.

Self-care: Try kickboxing, which takes aggression and concentrates it in just the way your Scorpio side likes.

Sagittarius - You’ll see more generosity from your peers this month, and be looking for ways to refine your opinions and critical thoughts about the world as things shift in the new year. During this time, make sure you stay nourished – in intellectual, emotional and physical ways.

Self-care: Order an indulgent meal and take yourself on a date while reflecting deeply on how this food makes you feel!