February Mini Scopes


By Crystal Duan, spiritual strategist and astrologer

Aquarius - It’s your time to shine with the Sun and Mercury both in your house. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself during this time; others are here to see that part of you shine.

Self-care: Practice daily meditation or a gua sha ritual to ground yourself.

Pisces - Overwhelmed? Excited? Anxious? Whatever this excess burst of energy may be, make sure you have somewhere to put it. Get active in journaling and/or exercising to stay out of your head.

Self-care: Try a new workout this month!

Aries - Do you feel like starting from scratch when it comes to creative projects or how you handle your responsibilities? It’s okay to “give up” sometimes — it just means you’re pivoting.

Self-care: Baths cleanse your soul of negative energy and more. Try this uplifting bubble bath to release any negative thoughts.

Taurus - Feeling burnt out due to new changes in your life and new self discoveries? Give yourself permission to wallow and feel upset.

Self-care: Reflect on some of your core wounds and journal daily to give yourself a boost.

Gemini - Your relationships might see some conflict these days. Keep a level head and remember your worth; you can be firm and also be kind.

Self-care: Keep your lips moisturized for any conversations you need to have!

Cancer - If you feel reflective, now might be the time to reassess how you express yourself. Are you speaking your truth? Is your throat chakra feeling open?

Self-care: Try going out to karaoke. The more you use your physical throat, the more the rest of you may open up. Apply our Sweet Sunshine Perfume Oil onto your throat chakra to help you open up.

Leo - You’ll be excited to spice up your relationships and put yourself back out there if you’ve been feeling isolated lately. It’s the time to remind others of your own burning fire and how it’s always there to keep them warm.

Self-care: Reflect on your relationships from a place of gratitude and be proud of how you maintain them. 

Virgo - If you’re feeling intellectually burnt out, you don’t need to be on social media all the time and read the news. Soothe and take time to self-care before hopping back on.

Self-care:  Ask your friends to keep you updated while you take your much-needed digital break, and take grounding baths to help you slow down + relieve burnout.

Libra - If your creative juices are flowing at the moment, it’s a call for you to share your art without fear! Whatever project you’ve been working on deserves to be seen by your community as well.

Self-care: If you have writer’s block, remember there’s no deadline for when you have to start producing. Let the feelings flow through you until they take shape.

Scorpio - This month, take time to define who your chosen family is and realign your allegiances. You’ve been feeling sore at people lately; now’s the time to trust again, but very intentionally.

Self-care: Re-read your journal to see the record of how you’ve been feeling about other people.

Sagittarius - It’s a great time to take the pressure off yourself if you’ve been hard on yourself for not producing enough. Remember capitalism can take a toll on you. Rest is a radical act of rebellion; once it’s time, you’ll do the things you need to do again. 

Self-care: If you don’t want to do, plan! If you don’t want to plan, do! Whatever feels most at ease will get you revved up for the next thing.

Capricorn - It’s a time to be spontaneous and thoughtful about how you want to relax and have more play in your life. You take yourself very seriously — try letting loose this month and see what happens.

Self-care: Have a solo dance party a few times a week for 30 minutes. You’ll feel energized!