Beauty/Wellness Brand Masterclass

As founders and operators who entered the indie beauty space in 2011, we aim to support new indie beauty / wellness brands and founders who want to launch a product in this space to build a stable business. We’ve learned from so much running our own businesses and about navigating the twists and turns of entrepreneurship and want to share everything with other founders. It’s so important to us to become the support that we once needed for ourselves, for others.

We have gained a breadth of knowledge (combined 20+ years experience operating a beauty/wellness brand) running and bootstrapping our own brands and want to share what we learned. From the basics of building your brand from scratch to determining your target customer, preparing for entering retail to fundraising – we’re here for you every step of the way, from concept to launch and beyond.

Lin Chen - Cynthia Besteman - Pink Moon - Violets Are Blue Skincare

Lin has an intimate familiarity with various dimensions of the indie beauty/wellness space through her career, from working at an international natural vegan cosmetics brand (100% Pure) to launching a consultancy where she has closely worked with over 20 indie beauty brands (including Violets Are Blue!) in various stages of growth and now her own brand that launched in 2020, Pink Moon. She grew her business to a six-figure annual revenue and cash flow positive brand in under a year on a shoestring self-funded budget. Pink Moon is an award-winning brand and has been featured 300+ times in top tier press including Allure, VOGUE, Byrdie, Forbes, Refinery29, and many more.

Cynthia is a Broadway actress turned real estate broker and now founder of organic award-winning skincare brand Violets Are Blue that launched in 2014. Her brand is sold in Credo, Beauty Heroes, Amazon, and various beauty stores in Hong Kong. Find Violets Are Blue featured in Woman’s Day, WWD, Refinery29, VOGUE, Organic Spa Magazine, and many more. Without any paid advertising, Cynthia has scaled her brand into a global favorite selling at all Credo locations and online.

What Exactly You’ll Learn From Us & Our Community

  • THE BASICS: Building a brand from the ground up – company formation, trademarks, accounting, legal
  • HOW TO STAND OUTBranding & target customer, white space, determining your USPs, packaging
  • ALL THINGS PRODUCTProduct development, product-market fit, curating your product launch, insurance
  • DIGITAL: Effective e-commerce websites, landing pages, user experience
  • GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY: Marketing on a shoestring budget, how to get press, brand partnerships, influencers, and more
  • MISTAKES & PITFALLS: Lessons we learned & overcoming pitfalls i.e. 3PLs, hiring, manufacturing, excess inventory, customer service
  • ALL THINGS RETAILEverything you need to know to prepare your brand for retail, how to get into your dream retailers
  • INTRODUCTIONS & VETTED LIST OF SUPPLIERSTo people in the industry who we trust with our business i.e. Manufacturers, Formulators, 3PLs, Sales Reps, Retailers/Buyers, Web and Packaging Designers, Photographers, Marketers, Investors
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES 1-on-1 Coaching
    • Branding / Brand Design / Rebrand
    • Brand Strategy, Pillars, Storytelling
    • Fundraising & Grants
    • Influencer Marketing

This masterclass is 100% virtual and can be completed on your own time. We'll have monthly "ask-me-anything's" with Lin and Cynthia as well as quarterly guest speakers featuring industry veterans, successful founders, and more.

Who's This For?

You're bootstrapping your brand and want direct access and information + actionable steps for manufacturing, formulation, PR, Retail vs DTC, email marketing, European retail, how to get press, fulfillment companies and so much more. You're a solo founder and are craving a supportive community of founders and mentors. You're thinking about launching your own brand, but are unsure of where to start. You're seeking mentorship and guidance through your entrepreneurial journey. You're not sure how to grow your brand further. You want to take your brand from kitchen to reputable manufacturer and 3PL. You want to launch your products into retail and know how to manage the relationship to get frequent re-orders or you want to up your game with retail/expansion (US, APAC, Europe). 

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Lin has been my secret weapon for years.

This lady is a maven and a Jane of so many trades to say the least. In just a few years, she managed to position herself as an expert in so many areas of brand and product development, championed tons of brands to take their company to the next level, and launched her own lines of products.

Working with Lin helped me get a clearer vision on what the next steps need to be in my business. Whether it’s branding, networking, manufacturing, investments, acquisition, copy, social media, or anything I ever needed, Lin was and is always there for me when I need advice or info. More than a colleague, Lin has become a dear friend. She is honest, trustworthy, incredibly smart and is truly a definition of collaboration vs competition.

Brave, fearless, a risk taker, and a well of information and knowledge in the industry, Lin is definitely someone you want in your corner if you’re looking for a brand mentor or advisor.

I look forward to seeing both of our brands grow and to continuing celebrating each other’s successes for years to come! I’m so proud of you Lin!

Katya Slepak, CEO & Founder of Malaya Organics

I feel very fortunate to have had Lin Chen by my side throughout MO MI's journey. When we decided to dive into a whole new category with our hair care products, we knew we needed someone special on board. Enter Lin -  she helped us transition smoothly and also brought some serious magic to the table. From brainstorming product ideas to doing the nitty-gritty product and market research. One of our top selling products was named by Lin along with editing and improving our copy writing, our crafting newsletters, co-ordinating our launch party, pop-up events and securing some boutique sales accounts. Plus, she is the ultimate connector – linking us up with influencers, PR opportunities, and valuable resources.

I highly recommend working with Lin to get your business off to a great start. With her years of experience working with several ethical businesses, she is truly a force for good in the world. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for Lin and her incredible support.

Diane Read, CEO & Founder of MO MI / Modern Minerals Makeup