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Your Self-Care Routine in a Better Beauty Space

Pink Moon was born when our founder, Lin, realized how truly transformative a self-care routine can be. For her, self-care came in the shape of her daily beauty rituals. A form of meditation, these daily rituals provided her with a time to look inwards, a space to ground and the light of clarity. It was something she just knew she had to share with other women. 

When it came time for Pink Moon to come to life, Lin knew she wanted to create something different than what was already out there. Something based on love, not fear. That meant building a supportive, encouraging community. One that would allow you to come as you are, without the fear of being overwhelmed with anxiety about what others thought of you and your external beauty. A place where you would be welcomed as you are, not excluded for what you aren’t. A place where you can acknowledge just how important it is to treat yourself with the love and compassion that you deserve through a self-care routine. 

The next step in expanding the Pink Moon mission of creating a better beauty space and making a self-care routine more accessible was opening our web shop. During development, we knew it would give us the chance to set a new standard. We’ve seen what we don’t like and we’re changing it – for you. 

What makes our shop different?


There are a lot of shaming narratives in the beauty industry. Messages that tell you to be ashamed of your body, your face and even of your own ambition! You might not have realized it, but these kinds of messages are destructive and hurtful, making you feel embarrassed about what you look like or as if you're not good enough. They create standards that are nearly impossible to live up to. You won’t find any of that here. We’ll never tell you what you should or shouldn’t buy or how you should look. We prefer to use our voice to educate and empower you.


Self-care should be accessible for everyone, it should not be cost prohibitive. To make sure that women and their families have access to quality, high-performing products, we have options at a range of price points. In our tightly curated selection, designed to help prevent feeling product overwhelm, you’ll find plenty of choices under $50.


Self-care has given us so much, we feel it’s only right to give back. At the moment, we’ve partnered with a few brands and influencers who are working to help us give back to some amazing causes! What’s more, all first-time shoppers have the chance to give back to a selected charity. Donating to our partner charities is just one way that we’re able to continue spreading love and support for each other. 

Life Phase + Lifestyle: 

As your life changes, your skin follows. Shopping by life phase is our way of fighting ageism in the beauty industry and helping you to be more aware of where you are at in this journey we call life. We don’t carry any products that are “anti-aging”, only ones that support a healthy, graceful aging process. On another note, should you decide to adapt to a different lifestyle, we are also able to help you with that. You can choose from choices such as vegan, gluten free, low waste and more!


We’re so proud to support and carry lines founded by a range of talented women of color (WOC). Making up over 30% of our curation, we can’t wait to watch this percentage increase as we expand. We wanted our curation to embody what Pink Moon stands for: an open, welcoming community. This means bringing diverse women together, no matter where they’re from or what they look like, and that includes the formulators behind lines we house.

Female based:

Pink Moon is entirely female-founded and fueled. Our entire team identifies as female. The lines we carry were all developed by brilliant women from across the world. Each and every product has been chosen to fit a woman’s needs.


All products in our shop are 100% cruelty free (many of which are vegan!). We keep plastic packaging to a minimum, and most are made from post consumer recycled plastics. And, here’s a sneak peek of what’s going on behind the scenes: we’re working towards creating a refill program to offer a more environmentally friendly option for beauty, self-care, and wellness products.