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What Makes Skin Greasy + 5 Face Washes for Oily Skin

Dealing with an oily complexion can sometimes seem like a never-ending cycle. It requires a range of products (some you might even always keep with you when you’re on the go) and what seems to be round-the-clock attention. The truth is, treating oily skin begins with your cleanser. In today’s journal, we wanted to talk about some of the best face washes for oily skin that we’ve tried, tested and fallen in love with.  

This is the second part of a two-part introduction to the facial cleansers in the Pink Moon curation. Read part one to learn about the benefits of knowing how to wash your face properly and double cleansing for “maskne”! 

Now, let’s dive into it! What exactly causes oily skin? Oily skin is the result of the overproduction of sebum, a substance that keeps the skin healthy, hydrated and protected. This excess tends to cause clogged pores, acne and a shiny complexion. 

Some people are actually born with more sebaceous glands, which means their skin will naturally produce more oil. It’s not all genetics, though. Environmental factors, such as high humidity and hot temperatures, also play a role. They don’t directly cause you to produce more oil, however they do tend to make you sweat more than usual. As this sweat and oil come into contact with each other, that’s when your skin may begin to look and feel greasier.  

When it comes to cleansing for oily skin, balance is key. While you might be eager to strip away all of the oil for a squeaky-clean complexion, you must fight this temptation! Doing so actually sends a signal to your skin to produce more sebum, resulting in a shiny appearance. 

We rounded up the best cleansers for oily skin from our curation, choose your favorite below!

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Meant Do-All Wash - This multitasker is eco, family and wallet friendly. A 3-in-1 shampoo, face cleanser and body wash, you’ll appreciate how gentle and nourishing it is on your children’s skin. Aloe vera and coconut oil deliver deep hydration while an energizing blend of citrus essential oils awaken your senses. Make it a part of your morning routine!

Liquid to Slight Lather/Foam

Earthwise Beauty Marshmallow Face Cleanser - A silky, foaming cleanser that is both indulgent and fragrant. Its blend of castile soap and strong-brewed wildflowers joins unrefined cold-pressed pumpkin seed and golden jojoba seed oils to remove dirt and impurities. Recommended for even the most sensitive skin.

Relato Nativo Mamey Milk Cleanser - Say good-bye to excess oil and hello to hydration. Housed in a convenient spray format, this cleanser contains zero essential oils and only one ingredient, saponified pure mamey fruit oil. 

Soap Bar

Relato Nativo Activated Charcoal, Mint & Jasmine Soap - This soap bar detoxifies, balances and nourishes to purify your skin from head to toe. Activated charcoal combats acne, olive and coconut oils work together to deeply moisturize, cleansing mint oil soothes away inflammation. Excellent for oily, acne-prone skin types. 

Relato Nativo Pure Mamey Cleansing Soap - Sensitive skin can rejoice all over. Crafted with just one ingredient, saponified pure mamey oil, this essential-oil free soap can be used all over the body. An ultra-calming miracle for eczema symptoms and dry, itchy skin. You can even shampoo with it to calm dandruff and an oily scalp.