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The Origins of Green Beauty

What’s the difference between green beauty and conventional beauty? To us, it’s the undeniable connection to the earth that using these products gives you.

Ultimately, green beauty is about the plant-based goodness that you find in each meticulously developed formula. Beyond the marketing and the alluring descriptions, there lie cherished ingredients that have been used as healing remedies for centuries. When you strip away the pretty packaging, it’s what’s inside that truly shines. 

Botanical extracts, harmonizing adaptogens, moisturizing nut butters – these are gifts from Mother Nature that we should honor. Feeling the juicy texture of cold-pressed aloe on your face or the exfoliating power of sea salt on your body, these are experiences that let us celebrate what she has given to us. By making eco beauty products a part of your self-care ritual, you can sneak in a little bit of that goodness into your everyday life. 

If you live in a big, bustling city, eco beauty can help put a little green into your concrete jungle. In seasons like winter, when nature seems far out of reach, flowers like calendula and chamomile cradle your skin in sunshine and warmth. When you feel the effect of too much time spent under the sun, hydrating aloe vera and calming rose come to your rescue. On days when your spirit feels restless, the soul-soothing scent of lavender wraps your senses in deep relaxation. Need a boost? Count on products with rosemary, peppermint or lemongrass for an energizing wake-up. 

These are some of our green beauty favorites that were crafted to help ground and connect you back to the earth so that you can better connect with yourself. 

Earthwise Beauty Nap in the Meadow Face Serum

Teeming with tissue-repairing and skin-regenerating properties from plant botanicals like German blue chamomile, turmeric CO2 and yarrow, we like to think of this serum as a remedial treatment. It effectively heals skin and gently soothes your spirit with an elevating blend of flower essences that includes wood’s rose, pink phlox and silvery lupine.

Earthwise Beauty Ruby Face Oil

Spoil your skin with sunshine from guava and pequi while you give it a dose of sun-protective properties from raspberry and buriti. Boasts a lightweight texture that effortlessly sinks in to quickly get you glowing. Inside tip: pair it with EWB’s Farizad’s Veil Sun Reflector to create the most beautiful moisturizing sun ray reflector.

Relato Nativo Relaxing Blend

For a better night’s sleep mindfully apply this transformative aromatherapeutic oil all over. Features calming herbs like Roman chamomile, vanilla and ylang ylang to invite your senses to slow down and prepare your body to delicately drift into sweet slumber. 

Relato Nativo Copal Coffee Charcoal Bath Salts (Detox Blend)

Relax your muscles and cleanse your mind while you soak in sweet bliss. This detoxifying blend of Epsom and sea salts was crafted with activated charcoal and artisan coffee to encourage deep purification of the skin.