The Best All Natural Bar Soaps: Unearth Malee

The Best All Natural Bar Soaps: Unearth Malee

We finally found the best all natural bar soaps that we’ve ever tried. Today’s journal is all about introducing you to the latest member of the curation, Unearth Malee. Let’s get right to it!

Unearth Malee is a proudly zero waste line of all natural bar soaps and eco-friendly home goods that is all handcrafted only in small batches. Everything is made from scratch! Captivated by her Thai background, founder Marie Peckham pours her heart into developing original recipes that join aromatic Asian spices and herbs with certified organic vegetable oils (and no palm oil!) to send your senses off to Southeast Asia.

This line is a love letter to Marie’s life. Born to a Thai American family, she grew up immersed in the fragrant notes of Asian cuisine. Her inspiration draws from the curiosity she cultivated in her mother’s kitchen. As the enticing aromas of lemongrass, ginger and cilantro spread throughout her house, she became more and more intrigued in getting acquainted with these exotic ingredients.

The word Malee is special in itself for Marie. Meaning jasmine flower in Thai, it’s also a name that has been passed down for three generations in her family. Longing to identify with and come close to her Thai roots, she ultimately chose to name her line of all natural soaps and eco essentials after her grandmother. Unearth Malee is not only an ode to her cultural heritage, but also an infusion of her passion for all things pure and natural.

There’s a little secret that lies in the packaging. Each all natural soap bar comes wrapped in Nepalese lofka paper embedded with flower seeds. Made by rural craftspeople in the highlands of Nepal, Marie sourced these unique wrappers from a company that supports the economic independence of this community. Soak it in water before planting to grow your North American wildflower seeds at home!

We can’t forget their generous social efforts! Unearth Malee gives back to local nonprofits that work to help families in need and that support access to the arts. Part of their social efforts also includes protecting orangutans in Asia by giving back to the Orangutan Foundation International.

Explore below the fresh selection of all natural soap bars for face and body (and a laundry detergent!) that we’ve curated for you! 


White Orchid Ginseng Shampoo Bar

Formulated with minimal ingredients, this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bar is backed by a traditional Asian herbal remedy to support thin, dry hair. Keep your tresses strong with ginseng and orchid extract, known to help prevent hair loss and encourage healthy hair growth.

Body Soaps:

Bali Flowers Soap

Bali-inspired floral extracts and essential oils join together to create the most heavenly aroma.

Boasts jasmine and plumeria waxes taken straight from their petals.

Dragon Fruit Green Tea

Antioxidant-rich dragon fruit juice meets exfoliating poppy seeds in this sweet and soothing fruity blend. Perfect for oily skin. 

Face & Body Soaps:

Organic Olive

A must-try if you have extra sensitive skin. Super mild, ultra moisturizing and crafted with just one ingredient: saponified certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

Black Pepper Charcoal Detox

This bar combines detoxifying activated bamboo charcoal with antiseptic black pepper essential oil to deeply purify your skin. Sweetened with a touch of blemish-fighting clementine essential oil to help maintain oiliness and acne.

Cucumber Mint

Soothes dry, sensitive skin with highly moisturizing cucumber seed oil and hydrating aloe extract. French green clay, and bamboo charcoal gently draw out impurities.

Eco Home:

Lavender Lemongrass Detergent

A concentrated, low-sudsing eco-friendly laundry detergent that can be used in all types of machines. Features naturally antiviral and antibacterial lavender and lemongrass essential oils in a base of hand-grated organic coconut oil soap.