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Summer Skincare Secrets

Even though most of the products in our curation are multipurpose, such as the ultimate multitasking line Meant, we’re always looking for ways to make them even more versatile. In the process, we’ve discovered quite a few secrets and some of you have shared your discoveries with us, too!

Where can you get your hands on these secrets? You can find them on each product page under the Insider Tip section. AND! In our latest IGTV, you can also catch Lin herself as she shows you a selection of products and how to use their hidden functions. Today, we’ll be diving into our favorite hacks from our summer skincare routine. 

Summertime comes with shifts in humidity, moisture-sucking air conditioning and, of course, the hot, hot sun. These seasonal changes can all play a role in your skin’s condition, maybe it tends to feel drier than usual or you might experience more breakouts. During these warmer days, we recommend adding lighter, more hydrating products to your summer skincare lineup. The ones we’re highlighting below are all incredibly lightweight and noncomedogenic. Don’t worry, though. Despite their barely-there textures, they’re super potent and can be used in more ways than one. From natural remedies for sunburns to mosquito bite soothers, you’ll be surprised to learn how you can use them!

Keep reading to uncover our summer skincare secrets!

5YINA Hand Treatment
This hand balm has a secret! Its hyper-concentrated blend of antimicrobial Chinese Medicinal botanicals helps calm and reduce the swelling from mosquito bites. Compact enough to keep in your purse, all you need is just a tiny dab for sweet relief. 

5YINA Divine Biocellulose Sheet Mask
Quench your thirsty, sunburnt skin with aloe vera and soothing botanicals like calendula and ginseng. After masking, just massage it on your décolletage, back and shoulders. Instantly brings back life to dehydrated skin. 

This mask is currently sold out on 5YINA’s website and just a few are left on! It’ll be out of stock through the end of the year - now’s the chance to grab yours!

Earthwise Beauty Farizad’s Veil Sun Reflector
Create a fungal infection fighting paste by mixing a few drops of Farizad’s with môme care’s Indispensable Cream L. Both products contain the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of zinc oxide that help soothe irritations and speed up the healing process. Can be used to combat ringworm and acne on your body.

Earthwise Beauty Hibiscus Herbal Tea
Did you know this tea is a 3-in-1? Not only does it make an invigorating, antioxidant-rich tea it can also be brewed to make a gorgeous facial stem. After steaming, once cooled down, transfer the tea to a glass bottle to make a cooling, pore-tightening face mist. Refresh yourself inside and out! 

VIVAIODAYS Olive Oil Rescue Balm Gel
A gel texture that magically transforms to a cooling balm to provide instant soothing relief. Use it on dry patches, summer eczema outbreaks and, for nursing mothers, on cracked nipples. That’s not at all – it’s sweet taste makes it a treat for your lips!

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