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Self-Care Gift Guide for Moms

Let’s face it. Taking time to care for yourself when you’re a busy mom isn’t easy. But it is possible when you have the right tools and rituals.

Here you’ll find a curated list of our favorite go-to items that help moms make the most of their me-time. Pamper your loving mom, your superwoman bff, or yourself! (P.S. As always, all these products are good for Mother Earth, too).

Pink Moon Picks: 5 Self-Care Gifts for Moms

  1. For the New Mom: Lhamour Baby Balm
    Welcoming a baby is hard work, which is why multitaskers are a new mom’s best friend. With Lhamour Baby Balm, new moms can soothe themselves and their little ones with one jar. This balm is gentle enough for baby’s skin (6 months+) and can help prevent or reduce itching, dry skin, diaper rash, and eczema.

    For mom, this balm works miracles to smooth out stretch marks or nourish dry, over-washed hands from changing diapers. Rub on your neck, décolletage, and feet for a gentle evening self-massage that lulls you to sleep.

  2. For the Mom Who Needs a Reset: Relato Nativo Botanical Bath Salts
    No one can be Wondermom all the time. We need peace, quiet, and time alone to reset so we can be there 100% for our families.

    A self-care bath does just the trick. When you’re feeling tense or reactive, it’s time to slip into a warm bath before bed to fill your cup. The beauty of Relato Nativo’s Botanical Bath Salts is that they not only help soothe your skin and smell amazing, but they contain botanical essences that quickly transport you into a state of calm and wellbeing. Lavender, Roman chamomile, cedarwood, and vanilla ease stress and tension. Copal resin helps make your bath a more meditative, deeply rejuvenation experience.

  3. For the Mom Who Burns the Midnight Oil: Lullaby Calming TCM Culinary Tonic Bags
    Being a great mom doesn’t have to stand in the way of having a career, a passion project, a hobby, or all three. But, a full life often leads to an even fuller schedule. And when we need to make adjustments, good quality sleep is the first to go.

    Thankfully, a mom who needs an extra hand falling asleep after a busy day (or decade) can find natural, holistic support with Five Seasons TCM Lullaby Calming TCM Tonic Bags. These are tea bags taken to the next level – they contain powerful Chinese medicinal herbs that support you mentally, emotionally and physically for peaceful, deeper sleep. With a regular evening cup, you’ll also notice reduced episodes of mood swings and irritability, nightmares, and anxiety.

    We recommend enjoying a cup of Lullaby Calming Tea about one hour before bed, along with an end-of-day journaling exercise or meditation. 

  4. For the Spa-Loving Mom: YINA Bio-Cellulose Mask
    If a day at the spa is your idea of quality self-care, why not bring that same restorative feeling to your own home? While the kids are in bed, don your coziest bathrobe, turn on some relaxing music, and take a skin retreat with YINA’s Bio-Cellulose Mask. In just 30 minutes, you’ll experience a spa-quality facial that not only feels restorative but supports the health of your skin with herbal adaptogens.

  5. For All the Amazing Moms: Pink Moon x Ettitude Self-Love Bath Ritual Bundle
    We are so excited to introduce our latest collaboration, just in time for gifting all the superwomen in your life! Pink Moon is joining the eco-bedding brand, Ettitude, to share a gift that’s fit for all the women who work hard and play hard so they can rest hard, too.

    In this bundle, you’ll find Ettitude’s incredibly soft waffle weave robe. If you’re new to Ettitude’s plant-friendly bedding and loungewear, you’re in for a treat. Their robes are made from CleanBamboo™ lyocell that’s breathable and moisture-wicking (perfect to wear after your bath). Plus, the waffle-weave texture gently exfoliates your skin while you wear it. Talk about effortless self-care!

    To make your bath ritual a full self-care experience, we’re pairing this robe with our Pink Moon Gua Sha Tool + Midnight Melody Body and Hair Oil set. The rose quartz gua sha tool helps you ease tension from your jawline, forehead, neck, and shoulders. Meanwhile, the grounding, floral oil reminds you to consciously slow down and love and respect your body. Altogether, the bundle offers moms a serene way to relax after each precious day.

Treat your mom, yourself, or any woman you love to some well-deserved me-time and renewal. Shop now to give our new Ettitude Bundle and other unique self-care gifts for moms!