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Self-Care During Winter: 12 Ideas To Help You Flourish

Similar to your skincare, self-care is also seasonal. Have you created your winter self-care rituals?

With each seasonal cycle, your body adapts to variations such as daylight and weather. When it comes to winter, whether you thrive the most or feel the blues during these darker months, the way you feel is uniquely yours. With that being said, adapting your self care during winter can help you to restore the balance between your body and the world around you, especially if you tend to get a little down. 

The goal of self-care during winter isn’t to just push through the season, but rather a way to inspire your best self until the brighter, warmer days of spring arrive. Even taking just a little time for yourself can make a major difference in both your mental and physical well-being. Your rituals can provide you with a space to ground so that you can look back on a winter filled with growth and introspection. 

When choosing your rituals, incorporate practices that feed all of your senses. Need some inspiration? Try some of our self-care ideas for winter below!


Practice Gratitude 

When the winter blues begin to kick in, take a moment to acknowledge what you’re feeling. One way to lift up this gloom is to practice gratitude by recognizing all that you do have (and even what you don’t!) in your life. Another way is to think about your loved ones and the people who make you smile the most! 

Go for a walk

It probably doesn’t seem like the ideal time to go out for a walk, but some brisk, fresh air can do you so much good. A little change of change of scenery helps to get your creative juices flowing and revitalizes your overall well-being. The best part? When you get back home, you can warm up with a delicious herbal tea!

Do nothing!

As women, we might sometimes find it difficult to press the stop button and take a break. Even if it’s just for half an hour, cuddle up with a cozy blanket, and really, do nothing! Enjoy this time of peace and quiet guilt free to lose yourself in your thoughts or to simply just be. We promise it’s okay! 

Soak in a warm bath

Feeling the winter blues? Run a warm bath! To get the most benefits, treat your mind and body to a little luxury with a fragrant, uplifting bath soak

Create your cozy sanctuary

Creating your sanctuary isn’t just about having the right essentials, but also the right mood. Don’t know where to begin? Step one: turn on a soothing playlist, listen to it while you slow down your breathing and your thoughts. Step two: bring a little warmth by lighting a dreamy candle. Step three: get cozy!

Adapt your skincare ritual

It’s no secret that the cold weather can be harsh and cause drying. But, do you know how your own skin changes from season to season? Take the time to explore new products and their benefits. These months call for layering your skincare and comforting saviors that are a little richer to protect against seasonal elements.

Get moving!

Be it some simple stretching, following a yoga video or just dancing around to your favorite songs, count on the art of movement to awaken your mood.

Take your ritual with you

Self-care isn’t just for your home. Whether it’s an affirmation that lifts your spirits or a product that cocoons your skin and senses, you can practice a piece of your ritual wherever you are.

How about practicing both at the same time? Carry a tube of a fast-absorbing hand cream in your purse. Whenever you start feeling a little down, apply it on with intention while you focus on the scent and repeat your affirmation. 

Show your body extra love

In between thick sweaters and coats, it can sometimes feel like you disconnect from your physical body during the winter months. A self massage with a deeply moisturizing body butter nourishes this connection that you might lose under all those layers. It also helps to stimulate your circulation and enhance a warm feeling all over!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 

Hydrate your skin from the inside by drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. From the outside, spritz a face mist throughout the day or apply a hydrating serum as the first part of your AM and PM skincare ritual. Avoid washing your face, hands and body with hot water. Doing so can dry out your skin even more and potentially lead to eczema or irritation.

Add humidity to the air

Is the heater on where you live? Throughout the day, run a humidifier or a diffuser with an uplifting blend of essential oils. Choose a blend that has antibacterial and antiviral properties to help purify the air! 

Dress up!

Sometimes you just want to stay in pajamas all day when it’s cold out and you’re not feeling your best. Get an instant feel-good boost by changing your clothes and adding a little glow to your complexion and wearing sun protection.