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Our Best Skincare for Menopause

You adapt your skincare ritual as you follow the seasons around the year. But, what about adapting it as you transition through your phases of life, such as choosing skincare for menopause

At Pink Moon, we talk a lot about how life comes in phases, menopause being one of them. While just the thought of this time might stir up all kinds of emotions, we like to think of it as another journey that leads to a new destination. Throughout the course of this journey, you might encounter a fair share of experiences that test both your physical and emotional self. These tests give you the chance to give life to a new woman, one who upon arrival will be wiser and stronger in both body and mind. 

There are ways to slide into this transition easier. First off, your mindset. How you approach or perceive this time prior to entering can affect the one you have. That means that even if you have not yet entered this phase, having overall negative thoughts may actually lead to a more uncomfortable experience.

Second, your skincare. If you have never had a ritual before, it’s never too late to start one. This is more than about applying products. By creating a ritual that’s based on your current phase, in this case skincare for menopause, you’re taking the time to connect with yourself and honoring your body’s needs. You’re recognizing that you are an ever-blossoming being, which is a celebration of you and nature’s divine cycle in itself.

Your skin reflects what’s going on inside your body. With the decrease of estrogen, the skin’s ability to repair itself begins to slow down, leading to changes such as thinning, dryness and less elasticity. Should you already have entered this phase, pay attention to your complexion and check in with yourself. Do you notice any connections between how your skin looks and how your body feels? Live this experience mindfully. 

Hydration along with extra moisturizing ingredients are essential to keeping your complexion healthy and your skin barrier strong during this period. Some heroes include sunflower oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, white tea, carrot seed oil, tamanu and evening primrose. This is the time to opt for a ritual that is overall more gentle and more nourishing that won’t strip your skin of its precious natural oils.

Find below some of our most loved skincare for menopause, along with the symptoms they target, to accompany you as you gracefully journey through this special phase of life. 

To combat dryness:

5YINA Divine Bio-Adaptive Cleanser

Nourishing and non-foaming, this non-soap based cleanser is crafted with an adaptogenic formula to maintain your skin’s delicate pH and moisture levels. Packed with precious pearl powder to polish away impurities and moringa oil to help keep skin plump and supple.

To lift and smoothen skin: 

moss skincare Soirée Complexion Lifting Peptide Complex 31%

Addresses the texture of your skin with a blend of seven repairing, rejuvenating and restructuring peptide complexes. So powerful that it has been likened to an at-home facial treatment in a bottle. 

To replenish and renew:

Earthwise Beauty Magical Babassu Face Oil

Comfort your dry skin with an intensely nourishing medley of exotic nutrient-dense oils. High in hyper-moisturizing linoleic acid content, Brazil nut oil plumps and potent pracaxi pod oil regenerates skin tissue for a complexion that feels both rejuvenated and supple. 

To cool flushed cheeks:

Malaya Organics Hydrating Mist

An ultra-refreshing fine mist that does more than boost hydration. Features collagen-stimulating gotu kola to encourage skin regeneration along with soothing lavender, bamboo and rose floral waters to gently cool.