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How to Nourish Chapped Lips

Ever notice dry, cracked lips tend to make an appearance when it’s cold out? ‘Tis the season to pamper your pout! 

Lips are naturally more susceptible to dryness and chapping since they don’t contain oil glands (like the other parts of your skin do). Whenever they experience a big decrease in moisture levels, whether it’s from the weather or a lack of self-care, they essentially become even more vulnerable. Being some of the thinnest skin on your body, lips definitely needs a little extra love during the colder months. The super drying combination of less humidity, icy winds and the dry air from the heater is a recipe for dry, cracked lips!

Proper lip care is an essential part in preventing and avoiding any irritations in this delicate area. If you’ve tried everything and your chapped lips still won't heal, you might want to take a look at your daily habits and products. Do you lick them often? Are you making sure to stay hydrated? It’s worth noting that lip stains and longwear lipsticks are usually not formulated with moisture in mind and, therefore, tend to be drying. Even some of the ingredients in conventional oral hygiene products can be the culprits behind excessive chapping. 

Learn how to treat chapped lips with our trusty lip care ritual. Your softest pout awaits, keep scrolling!

Saying good-bye to dry, cracked lips doesn’t begin with moisturizing, but instead a gentle polishing. To ensure that your balms and treatments can penetrate properly, use a gentle exfoliator 1-2 times per week to buff away dry, dead skin and encourage healing.

Once your lips have been smoothly polished, give them a surge of moisture with a deeply hydrating treatment. Do you have chapped lips that just won't heal? Before bed apply a thick layer of the same treatment to wake up with supremely hydrated lips! 

Throughout your day, swipe on a lip balm. Retaining as much precious moisture as you can is key to keeping a parched pout at bay. Your lips will definitely appreciate the extra cocooning! 

Regardless of the season, regularly using a lip balm can make a major difference. Choose your favorites below and keep one around at all times! 

Malaya Organics Herbal Facial Polish

Polish and revive your skin and lips! Boasts the delicate buffing powers of oat and brown rice powders to soften and smoothen. A dream to use, just gently brush your hands over your lips while exfoliating your face and breathe in its herbaceous, floral aroma. 

Relato Nativo Nourishing Lip Balm

Features a skin-coddling formula of cacao and shea butters, beeswax and fractionated coconut oil joined by a hint of refreshing peppermint. Its matte texture makes it comfortable to wear as a primer under your lipstick. 

Also available in our Low Waste Lip Care Set.

Lhamour Beeswax Lip Balm

A gorgeously moisturizing combination of organic coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and grass-fed tallow keeps your lips soft and supple with a barely-there sheen. Free of essential oils, it’s great for sensitive pouts, kids and babies. A favorite among male customers!

VIVAIODAYS Olive Oil All Purpose Rescue Balm Gel

This light, unscented jelly delivers a surge of moisture on contact. From nursing moms to newborns, it’s a multipurpose skin-savior that can be used all over the body by your whole family. Apply a thick layer before bed as an overnight lip mask. 100% vegan.

Earthwise Beauty Thelma Lip Treatment

A light and fluffy deep healing hero for super dry lips! This matte balm is laced with creamy mango butter and fatty-acid rich South African mafura butter that sinks in to soothe and cocoon your pout. 100% vegan.

Now that your lips are kissably soft why not nourish and moisturize them with a complementary pop of color?