How To Build A Skincare Routine For Mature Skin

How To Build A Skincare Routine For Mature Skin

It’s no secret that your skin changes as you go through the seasons of life. A beautiful honor and a wonderful privilege, we like to think of aging as something to appreciate and approach with curiosity. 

With each season that you enter, adapt your self-care plan to the person you are becoming so that you can step into the next one supported, and backed by the wisdom that you’ve gained over the years. 

Not sure where to begin when it comes to choosing skincare for mature skin? Make sure you keep reading to get our quick and easy everyday routine featuring some of the best skincare products for women over 50.

While your skin has its own unique needs, a starting point is to look for formulas with extra hydrating, moisturizing and brightening ingredients. Gentle, non abrasive products that offer moisture retention and promote skin barrier protection can also help support a healthy complexion. Bakuchiol, a kinder, plant-based alternative to retinol, is especially adored when it comes to caring for mature skin. 

Become familiar with your skin type. Is it oily or dehydrated? How does the climate you live in affect its state? If your skin dramatically changes with the seasons, this is also something to be mindful of. 

Do you know how your skin reacts to certain ingredients? Consider staying away from fragrances, essential oils and harsh exfoliants if your skin gets easily irritated.

Below, an everyday morning routine with some of the best skincare for mature skin we’ve found so far!

First things first: cleanse

As mature skin tends to be drier, an extra hydrating and moisturizing cleanser that won’t strip away natural oils is essential. 

Unearth Malee’s Cucumber Mint & French Green Clay Soap features super hydrating, wholesome ingredients that comfort dry skin like soothing aloe extract and cooling cucumber. Can be used from head to toe!

The Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover from Malaya Organics effortlessly wipes away grime to leave your face feeling soft, glowing and balanced. Not only is this oil cleanser packed with organic botanical extracts and oils, founder Katya Slepak also energetically charges her formulas with white light to invite even more restorative, spirit-soothing benefits. 

Follow with a moisturizer

An intense moisturizer can help improve your skin barrier and keep itchy, irritated skin at bay.

Restore your radiance with Earthwise Beauty’s Black Locust Firming Concentrate. Behind its weightless texture and intoxicating aroma, a generously concentrated formula nourishes with bakuchiol, essential nutrients and protective antioxidants. 

Powered by rhodiola and bakuchiol, YINA’s Nourish Botanical Serum is a luxurious, rich oil serum that deeply conditions and intensely moisturizes to promote graceful aging. Apply just a few drops to reveal a plump, luminous and firm complexion. 

Don’t forget your eyes!

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest. This area needs a dedicated product that can simultaneously moisturize, depuff and improve skin elasticity.

Instantly brighten, restore firmness and visibly smooth your eye area with the Firming Eye Serum from Malaya Organics. A cooling stainless steel rollerball delivers collagen-stimulating botanical stem cells, skin-firming pea peptides and ultra-moisturizing prickly pear oil. 

By the way, you can also use it around your lips to address fine lines!

Protect and glow on

Finish your routine with an SPF of at least 30.

For sun-shielded, silky soft skin, reach for AKT Therapy’s Elemental Sun Balm, a lightweight 3-in-1 multitasker that just effortlessly melts right on and gives you the most gorgeous dewy tint. 

Pamper yourself!

Why not treat yourself to a home spa session (or a few!)? Carve out at least 30 minutes or as much time as you can, 2-3 times a week for some pampering. You deserve it!

Begin by applying YINA’s Divine Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask. This soothing and ultra hydrating mask brightens, plumps, soothes redness and irritations and is basically a spa quality facial in just 30 minutes. 

Next, use Pink Moon’s Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Tool to massage your face, neck and shoulders. A facial massage can help relax muscle tension, stimulate lymphatic drainage and boost circulation all while toning and firming your skin. Sounds divine, doesn’t it?