Holistic Beauty Workshop with Ky Washington

Holistic Beauty Workshop with Ky Washington

Have you been wondering how to get naturally glowing skin while still keeping a minimal routine? 

Learn how to create a natural everyday makeup look when you join us on February 20, 2021 at 2pm EST for our holistic beauty workshop. Hosted by celebrity makeup artist Ky Washington, you’ll learn how to get naturally glowing skin using just a few products. Ky will also teach you how you can use aromatherapy in your beauty ritual to enhance your wellcare. A live step-by-step natural everyday makeup look tutorial is included. Your virtual seat comes with a kit that suits your skin tone and complexion:

  • 3 Cupid & Psyche Beauty vegan lipsticks according to your skin tone
    • Cool: Brigid, Gaia, Shakti
    • Warm: Devi, Rhiannon, Sunna
  • A face oil personally selected by Ky suited for your specific complexion
    • Oily, acne-prone, combo-oil: Ode to Self De Palma Facial Oil
    • Dry, balanced, combo-dry: Pink Moon Over the Moon Face Oil
  • A rose quartz gemstone

Taking a holistic approach to beauty means recognizing that makeup is more than just something you put on your skin. It means being mindful of how you feel once you’ve applied your cosmetics both in the mirror and inside. You might ask yourself questions like, “Why do I want to apply makeup today?” and “Is it for myself or for others?” You’re completely aware of why you choose to wear cosmetics and acknowledge that it’s more than a physical, external act - it’s one of self-love that you do for your own wellbeing.

Are you an over-thinker? Consciously applying makeup can provide a break from thought cycles while giving you a chance to be focused on yourself and on the present moment. It’s a creative outlet that you can use to express and address the way you’re feeling each day. For example, some mornings you might wake up needing a confidence boost. On those days, you swipe on a bold lipstick, look yourself in the eye and repeat your most uplifting affirmation. If you’re exploring your identity, play with different shades and colors until you discover a look that’s uniquely yours. In times of uncertainty, having a daily makeup ritual, or even taking the time to organize your products to your taste, can give you a sense of structure and familiarity. 

How can else holistic beauty boost your wellbeing? We asked Ky for some insight and couldn’t help but also ask for a few tips on how to prevent maskne! Keep scrolling to learn more about this inspiring entrepreneur and to get her answers!

Ky Washington is a celebrity makeup artist, aromatherapist and the founder of the lifestyle brand Modern Green Goddess and the co-founder of Clean Beauty Artists. She also has a weekly online show where she highlights those making positive waves and sustainable changes in the eco community.

Passionate about conscious beauty, wellness and education, Ky teaches group and private classes on green beauty, lifestyle and aromatherapy. While she works mainly in the TV and film industry, she believes in giving everyone the celebrity treatment. 

Tell us what holistic beauty means to you.

Holistic beauty is a way to truly care for and love yourself, both inside and out. It’s recognizing that your soul and your body are connected.

How do you combine beauty and aromatherapy?

So many ways! First, I always diffuse an aromatic blend, a clean-rolled incense or palo santo when I do my skincare and makeup. It just puts me in such a good mood! I love to use calming botanicals like lavender or pine to relax and citrus to jazz me up. I also love looking for skincare products that are formulated with natural essential oils. My face loves frankincense and rose!

What are some of your favorite products you've discovered at Pink Moon?

So many gems! My current obsessions are the Pink Moon Gua Sha Tool and Facial Oil Duo, and Ode to Self's De Palma Face Oil. Omg, my skin loves these! On my wishlist is the Aromatherapy Mask Set and anything from Earthwise Beauty.

How do you see makeup as a form of self-care?

Makeup can be a way to show up for yourself. For example, I noticed a big change in my mood during COVID times once I decided to put on a little makeup and change into real clothes every morning. I get more done and feel more accomplished. Also, the actual act of touching and honoring your body is something every woman should experience. It doesn’t have to be an extensive routine. It can just be a few minutes where you give yourself the space to say, “I love you, I am worthy, I deserve this.”

Do you have any tips for wearing makeup under a mask?

This may sound weird from a makeup artist but, just don't wear any! Instead, do a skin treatment under your mask or apply a really awesome oil. When you get home, wash your face immediately and then re-do your skincare or, better yet, put on a detoxing face mask for a few minutes. If you really want to wear makeup, go for all the glam on your eyes and use a beautiful oil as a highlight. For foundation, choose a powdered, compact one that you can take on the go with you for easy touch ups.