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Get Cozy With Eco Friendly Home Products

We spend a lot more time inside as the days get colder. Whether that means indoors at home or inwards in our minds, or both, this is the season to retreat and reflect. Make your space a sanctuary where you can be cozy and eco conscious at the same time. 

With the effects of global climate change, making an effort to live greener is more important now than ever. But, turning down the heat and being mindful of the electricity you use aren’t the only ways to create a sustainable home when the temperatures get to their coldest. Revive your space with eco friendly home products to lessen your environmental impact.

When it comes time, make your seasonal updates with the Earth in mind. Need a new blanket? Consider opting for a wool one, as it’s more eco friendly to produce than polyester. When it comes to scents for your space, choose fragrances that come in recyclable, non-aerosol packaging and are made with natural essential oils. Imagine saving energy like this: a relaxing, meditative evening under a warm blanket surrounded by a few soothing candles

Keep your home cozy all season long with some of the best eco friendly home products from our curation.

Lhamour Camel Cashmere Blanket

Handwoven from sustainably and ethically sourced Mongolian baby camel wool. Wear it as a scarf or a shawl. Keep it on your couch for extra coziness. Not just for the colder months, can be used year round!

Malaya Organics Wild Blossom Candle

A musky aroma crafted with lavender, frankincense and citrus in a base of 100% natural, pure coconut wax. Simply sophisticated, light this candle when you want to create a floral, yet cozy atmosphere in your home. 

Pink Moon Clair de Lune Candle

Jasmine, bergamot, and pink peppercorn join ethically-sourced coconut and apricot waxes to fill the air with a warm, comforting aroma.

Get the full experience! Listen to our curated playlist while you burn this candle. 

Relato Nativo Palo Santo Body, Aura & Space Cleansing Mist

Native to South America, palo santo is a mystical tree whose wood has been used for centuries to purify energetic fields. Use this mist in your space to clear out any negative energy. It can also be used on your body to relieve muscle tension. 

Species by the Thousands Sweet Dream Spray

Mist stress away before bed. Features a calming blend of wildcrafted essential oils such as lavender and sweet orange to help pacify your mind while you’re whisked off to dreamland.