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Collaborating for Change

At Pink Moon, we place a high value on community and giving back. As a matter of fact, from the moment we decided to create our digital wellcare space, we knew we wanted to create a unique initiative that fused these two values together. Our ultimate goal was to create something that would allow meaningful and far reaching change birthed from collaboration.

For us, this meant putting a spin on the traditional affiliate program structure. 

The amazing women that we work with were chosen very intentionally. We have a lot of respect for the women we have partnered with, and, more often than not, have been admirers of their contributions to the beauty / wellness space for years. 

Because of our longstanding trust and respect for these women, we wanted to help support causes close to their hearts by combining our respective platforms. 

If you use the code from one of our blog partners when shopping, your impact on the chosen charity will be doubled. In other words, 2% of our revenue from your purchase will go directly towards the charity they have selected. We love doing this because it helps all of us learn more about worthy causes, and allows us to give back while providing support for one another.