By Stephanie Whaley, Founder & Astrologer @ Oromoon



Dear Aries, as Cancer season unfolds, it creates a safe space for emotional exploration. It’s a time to reconnect with your home, your roots, and your loved ones. It encourages you to establish emotional security, to slow down your usually fast pace, and to cultivate resilience through familiar ties or connections that feel like family. This can mean renovating your personal space to make it more reflective of your growth, indulging in nostalgic activities that remind you of home, or even reconnecting with old friends and relatives. 

Self-Care Tip:

Create a ritual around self-reflection. This could involve setting aside time each day for meditation, writing in a gratitude journal, or simply sitting quietly with a cup of tea, contemplating your emotions and reactions. This practice has the power to ground you, providing clarity and tranquility amidst life’s beautiful turbulence. Or perhaps you try integrating natural, sustainable products into your skincare ritual. Using products with plant-based ingredients can serve as a daily reminder of your connection to nature. We also recommend spending time outdoors, be it for exercise, gardening or even meditating under your favorite tree. This combination of indoor self-care and outdoor activities will help keep you grounded and balanced. 



Dear Taurus, as Cancer season progresses, it enhances your ability to communicate with more depth and emotion. This is a season to listen and share, fostering understanding and empathy with others. You might find yourself engaging more in intimate conversations, diving below the surface to explore deeper truths, or perhaps you’re drawn to write heartfelt letters to your loved ones. This is a time to be open, to listen, and to express your feelings honestly…an emotional exchange that can lead to stronger bonds and deeper understanding. There is immense growth in understanding, and this season brings opportunities to learn more about the world and the people around you. Remember, knowledge is a form of wealth that can’t be taken away. 

Self-Care Tip:

Incorporate a practice of mindfulness in your daily communication. Whether it’s actively listening to a friend, expressing gratitude, or being mindful of your words, these efforts can significantly enhance your relationships and most importantly, your understanding of yourself. If holistic healing methods are more your vibe, you can try aromatherapy. Essential oils like lavender, rosemary, or chamomile can be soothing and aid in relaxation. Whether you're diffusing them during study sessions or adding a few drops to your bath, the subtle fragrances can enhance your sense of well-being.



Dear Gemini, Cancer season is a time for you to evaluate your self-worth, your resources, and your financial stability. You’re encouraged to ground yourself in the material world, assessing what you need for comfort and security. Perhaps this means reevaluating your budget, or decluttering your space. As a sign often fluttering between ideas, this season urges you to plant some roots…maybe it’s taking a closer look at your finances and planning for the future. Remember, abundance isn’t just about having more; it’s about appreciating what you already have.

Self-Care Tip:

As part of your self-care ritual, try incorporating products which are not only good for your skin, but also good for the planet. Ethically sourced and mindfully created crystals align with the current theme of taking inventory on your values. In tandem, consider exploring grounding, outdoor activities (such as gardening or hiking) that can help you appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Connecting with nature can be a beautiful way of grounding yourself, bringing you closer to your inner stability and peace.



Dear Cancer, your season is a time of self-love and personal transformation. This is your cosmic new year, a time to honor your growth and to set intentions for the year ahead. This period is all about celebrating your strengths and accepting your vulnerabilities. ??It’s an ideal time to set new intentions, to reflect on your journey, and to celebrate your growth. This season encourages you to practice self-care and to express your feelings openly.

Self-Care Tip:

Treat yourself to a birthday self-care ritual. This could be anything from a luxurious spa day at home to a Reiki session. Or perhaps you incorporate a holistic skincare into your daily routine, creating rituals that help you connect with yourself on a deeper level. Whether it’s rich moisturizer to nourish your skin, or a facial massage to stimulate blood flow, make these moments a celebration of you. Combine this with activities that nourish your soul (such as painting or journaling), to enhance your sense of self-love. The idea is to prioritize your happiness and wellbeing.



Dear Leo, as Cancer season begins, it illuminates the quieter, more introspective parts of your life. It’s a time for you to retreat a little from your natural spotlight and delve into your inner world. This period encourages you to process your feelings and unresolved questions, release past burdens, and find solace in solitude. As Cancer season illuminates your hidden aspects, it’s also a beautiful time to take care of your spiritual well-being. Recognize the power of introspection, reflection, and emotional healing, for it allows you to understand yourself better and ultimately empowers your public persona. Remember, every king or queen needs a break; taking time for yourself does not diminish your strength, but rather fortifies it.

Self-Care Tip:

Create a pampering ritual that makes you feel royal. Incorporate elements like a warm bath infused with essential oils, a deeply moisturizing body lotion, or a facial mask to renew your skin. Combined with meditative practices, this can create a holistic self-care routine that revitalizes your body, mind, and spirit. Or perhaps you begin or deepen a mindfulness practice. This could involve meditation, yoga, or anything that allows you to disconnect from the external noise and connect with your inner voice.



Dear Virgo, during Cancer season you’re inspired to consider your hopes and dreams while reflecting on your social sphere and long-term aspirations. It’s a time to nurture your connections and build bridges with like-minded people. This is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate, support, and learn from others…for it’s this very process where you’ll learn that you’re not alone in your journey, and that collective progress can be just as rewarding as personal achievements.

Self-Care Tip: 

Adopt a skincare ritual that not only rejuvenates your skin but also symbolizes self-love and nurturing. Perhaps you explore wellness group activities this season, such as a studio class, a book club, or even a shared meditation session. These activities will allow you to maintain your wellness practices while also cultivating a sense of community.



Dear Libra, Cancer season is a time to evaluate your career and life path. It’s a period of emotional connection to your professional life, recognizing your professional capabilities and nurturing your ambition. As you begin to understand how your career impacts your emotions, it’s also a time to nurture your professional relationships. After all, this season encourages you to lead with empathy and understanding. Remember, real leadership lies not in control, but in fostering an environment where everyone feels seen and valued.

Self-Care Tip:

Incorporate holistic healing methods into your work-life balance. This could include a  five-minute meditation, a walk around the block, or simply a moment of deep breathing. Or perhaps you gravitate towards skincare as part of a self-care ritual to de-stress, or practice mindful breathing to stay calm during challenging situations. These practices will not only enhance your overall well-being and effectiveness at work, but integrating mindful breaks into your workday will also keep you grounded and focused, preventing burnout. 



Dear Scorpio, Cancer season encourages you to broaden your horizons. It’s a time of exploration and adventure, urging you to step outside your comfort zone and delve into the unfamiliar. Whether it’s learning something new, traveling, or engaging with different cultures and philosophies, this season stimulates your thirst for knowledge and adventure, inspiring you to expand your worldview. Travel if you’re able, or lose yourself in a book or documentary that explores uncharted territories. Remember, every moment is an opportunity to experience something new.

Self-Care Tip:

Begin a practice of lifelong learning. Dedicate some time each week to learning something new, whether it’s a language, a skill, or deepening your understanding of a particular subject you’ve always ruminated. As you journey through various experiences, don’t forget to care for your physical self. Perhaps you introduce ancestral rituals into your daily ritual, providing your skin with the generational love and care it deserves. Coupled with outdoor activities like hiking or beach walks, this will ensure a holistic approach to explorative self-care.



Dear Sagittarius, Cancer season guides you to delve deep into your psyche, inspiring you to look beyond the surface and explore deeper emotional truths. It’s a time to confront your shadows, heal your past wounds, and undergo profound transformation (which we understand can be intense, but ultimately freeing). This period also asks you to deal with unresolved concerns, clear old debts rooted in the financial and emotional, and practice forgiveness with others and yourself. It may seem challenging but always remember, it’s through deep internal work that we achieve true freedom and self-awareness.

Self-Care Tip:

Incorporate holistic healing methods like meditation, therapeutic writing, or energy healing to aid in your transformative journey. Or perhaps you cultivate a habit of emotional expression via writing or painting…even talking to a trusted friend or therapist can help you better understand and navigate your emotional depth. For a sensual nightcap, care for your muscles with a calming massage to serve as a reminder for self-love amid the intense internal work.



Dear Capricorn, during Cancer season your relationships come into sharper focus. It’s time to nurture your personal connections, while practicing openness and empathy. Whether these are romantic partnerships, friendships, or business alliances, this season encourages you to invest your time and emotions in fostering mutual understanding and respect. As you try balancing your desire for self-reliance with the benefits of cooperation, remember that building solid relationships requires vulnerability. It’s more than okay to let down your guard and lean on others when you need to.

Self-Care Tip:

Schedule consistent one-on-one time with your loved ones. This could be sharing a meal, chatting over coffee, or even a simple phone call. These interactions help deepen connections and provide emotional nourishment. Or perhaps you consider engaging in outdoor activities together, like nature walks or gardening. These shared experiences not only bring you closer, but also serve as a way to connect with nature and maintain your emotional well-being. For our skincare angels, try experimenting with nightcap rituals as a shared self-care activity with your loved ones. Whether it’s a DIY spa day at home or simply sharing your skincare ritual with your partner, these shared experiences deliver glow ups while also strengthening bonds. 



Dear Aquarius, Cancer season invites you to focus on your daily routines, health, and well-being, while also evaluating your habits. Remember, your daily routines significantly impact your overall health and happiness…learn to let go of any negative energies that don’t serve your wellbeing. This period is a beautiful time to nourish your body, mind, and soul, while finding pure bliss in ordinary moments.

Self-Care Tip:

As you revise your daily habits, incorporate healthy rituals that bring you joy. This could be cooking a nutritious meal, performing a daily gua sha ritual, or spending a few moments each day appreciating your body and all it does for you. Or perhaps nurturing your skin with gentle, holistic products is more your vibe. Try introducing more nature-related activities into your daily life, like a morning walk in the park or tending to your indoor plants. These actions both enhance your physical health while also providing a sense of tranquility and connectedness to mother earth.



Dear Pisces, this Cancer season is a celebration of your creativity and emotional expression. Embrace your unique perspective and let your imagination run free, sharing your inner world with others.  Whether through art, music, poetry, or dance, create and share your emotional landscape with the world. Our recommendation? Let loose and let your inner child run wild. Don’t be afraid to shine your light as you embrace this beautiful period of playfulness, romance, and joy.

Self-Care Tip:

Set aside time for creative pursuits. Even if it’s just doodling in a sketchbook or dancing around your living room, giving yourself permission to express freely can be an incredibly healing and joyful experience. Allow your creativity to extend into nature-related activities like outdoor painting or nature photography, followed by a luxurious night cap involving a face mask or a calming bath soak to soothe your skin. These varied activities will help you express yourself while also providing therapeutic benefits.