April Horoscopes

 By Evelyn Zuel, astrologer and mystic


Aries Sun / RisingThis month the solar rays are lighting you up, fire babies! You may be feeling the pull to reconnect with your deeper roots by going home to the origins of your creative desires. This may elicit an impromptu journey reconnect with those you consider family. The passion and  drive that you have can sometimes lead you to forget to ask for help but know that help is in  abundance for you if you simply take the time to ask. This is your power month with the eclipse highlighting your solar first house mid-April, push forth and pioneer a new sense of self!

Self-care tip: Ask for help so you can continue working on your big dreams. 

Taurus Sun / Rising Sleeping in and catching a couple of extra z’s could bode well for you this month as you need rest and rejuvenation to clear your mind and soul lovely Taurus. You have been working hard on cultivating a new sense of self and identity this past year and that requires a lot of shifting and flexibility, which is not something you would prefer to participate in. Connect with your inner world and reestablish a spiritual dialogue to find peace.  

Self-care tip: Keep a dream journal to integrate the unconscious parts of you. 

Gemini Sun / Rising Your phone is blowing up this month and meeting new and exciting people is on the agenda. People are magnetized by your wit and charm! This is the month to network, connect and share yourself with the community at large. The people you meet this month will be integral in your  growth throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled and don’t let anyone slip through the cracks as they will pop back into your radar later in the year. 

Self-care tip: Call up all your friends and plan some fun gatherings – gua sha party, anyone?

Cancer Sun / Rising You are feeling a bit feisty this month and can sense all eyes on you, there is a bit of pressure to perform and take directed action. This is a strong time to put yourself out into the public eye and let people see your strengths, creative self, and dedication. You may also be feeling inspired to push yourself farther career wise and this month will be a great time to design your ideal future. 

Self-care tip: Get crafty and build a mood board to reflect the goals you want to accomplish this year.

Leo Sun / Rising You’ve got the travel bug dear Leo. The ambition is igniting your need to grow and expand. You have the spark of curiosity which craves to know more and see how far you can break the boundaries. Curiosity may have killed the cat once, but you have at least 7 more to go! There are some wise friends with sage advice hiding off on the sidelines. Though you’re not one to be told how to live your life, there may be some merit in what they have to offer. 

Self-care tip: Take a trip that will ignite your creative inspiration. If leaving town isn’t an option, broaden your horizons by learning a new skill or belief system.

Virgo Sun / RisingThe depth of your psyche is being illuminated this month, gentle Virgo. Processing the past and connecting the dots is how you can move through the month. Try not to be so hard on yourself or others when new insights and illuminations come to surface regarding your relationships. This month is showing you how to crack open and show your vulnerable bits to cultivate a deeper and lasting connection with the ones you hold dear. 

Self-care tip: Set aside time to show appreciation for those in your life who have been there through thick and thin. 

Libra Sun / Rising - You are in your solar opposition this month and that can drain your energy quite easily so it will be important to acknowledge when you are giving more than you have the capacity for. The focus is on your partner, their needs, and efforts. If you are not in a partnership, then there is a  significant shift with potential partners this month! There may be some drama that needs clearing up in the arena of work, but your diplomatic self is surely able to navigate any misunderstandings.  

Self-care tip: Go out of your way to say “hi” to one new person this month, you might enjoy where it leads you. 

Scorpio Sun / RisingAll work and no play makes Scorpio an enterprising opportunist! You are a workhorse this month and there is no sign of stopping your bright energy along your path. Taking time for pleasure doesn’t even sound fun unless it’s productive. You may find yourself traveling for work, education and developing your skillset this month. Take time to recuperate your energy  and care for your health so you can continue your enterprising path.  

Self-care tip: Do something that makes you feel strong and tests your limits, go on that long hike or bike ride you’ve always wanted to do. If mobility is not an option, finding ways to exert all that excess energy will help you to release tension. 

Sagittarius Sun / RisingThis may very well be one of your favorite times of year, the Sun is highlighting your solar house of fun, play and creativity! You can explore, experiment, and share what you have been working on and it feels like a big reunion. Reconnecting with what motivates you and brings you joy will fuel your tank for the month. Watch out for wanting to go too hard however, as there may be direct repercussions of pushing the envelope of pleasure too far. 

Self-care tip: Connect with friends and schedule a day trip somewhere that brings you joy.

Capricorn Sun / Rising - This month you enjoy doing things on your own, seeking quiet and solace away from the noise. Retreating into your unconscious world, you find a deeper sense of connectedness with your roots and lineage. Your relationships take your energy this month and pull you out of your  slumber. Try to stay mindful of your reactions to triggering relationship situations. This is an opportunity to open a dialogue and communicate any grievances to dispel miscommunication.

Self-care tip: Relax with your favorite book and indulge in a nightly bath time ritual

Aquarius Sun / Rising - A lot is changing for you dear Aquarius and this month there is an uptick in your curiosity with the neighborhood which you live in. You have a lot to talk about and your quick wit kicks into high gear making you quite sought after. Adventures within your community await and there may be discoveries just sitting around the corner of the street you never thought to turn down, that is until this month.  

Self-care tip: Subscribe to a new magazine site to indulge in any new interests. 

Pisces Sun / Rising Abundance abound this month for you, sweet Pisces. You are accessing what it means to be truly rich in life and your ability to recognize what is worth your time is coming into view. A big hint as to what is worth your time is the one reading these words right now. You are worth more and you are learning how to ask for more this month, putting up the needed barriers around how much you give of yourself to others in a loving way.  

Self-care tip: Money magic time, balance those bank accounts and do some prosperity rituals.