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Neige - Green Beauty Directory

At Pink Moon, we place a high value on community and giving back. As a matter of fact, from the moment we decided to create our digital wellcare space, we knew we wanted to create a unique initiative that fused these two values together. Our ultimate goal was to create something that would allow meaningful and far reaching change birthed from collaboration.

For us, this meant putting a spin on the traditional affiliate program structure. 

The amazing bloggers that we work with were chosen very intentionally. We have a lot of respect for the women we have partnered with, and, more often than not, have been admirers of their contributions to the beauty space for years. 

We are honored to introduce you to Neige, who is an illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, and green beauty lover based in Spain. Fun facts about Neige and Pink Moon: Neige and her brother Théodore are the genius designers behind the Pink Moon website and collection products! We are incredibly thankful for their work – helping the Pink Moon vision come to fruition. Lin also had the opportunity to meet Neige in person last year in Barcelona!


Pink Moon: Tell us a little bit about you and your platform. 

Neige: Initially, I started Green Beauty Directory because I had been struggling with skin issues, and healing my skin was a long journey... Along the way I discovered and fell in love with Green Beauty, and at some point I felt like maybe I could share with people the things that had helped me, and spread the word about small brands who do things well and with integrity. The response was much more positive than I could have imagined, and after a little while my page also became a creative outlet.

Pink Moon: How has self care positively impacted your life? 

Neige: If we take the broadest definition of self-care, I'd say the most important thing for me is learning to stop (when that's an option). We live in a world where so much focus is put on being productive, stepping back and doing something "useless", or even not doing anything but simply be, is often guilt inducing, so for me learning to listen to myself and stop before the point of exhaustion, or before my stress is out of control, has been key (though I have to admit it is an ongoing learning process).

Pink Moon: Since you are one of our Collaborators for Change, what charity have you chosen to work with? Why?

Neige: I chose 350 because that's a charity I have been supporting myself for several years. It is one of the leading organizations in the fight against climate change, and given that the issue couldn't be more urgent, it was the most obvious choice for me. 350 was created in 2008, and has been involved in campaigns against the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, to stop fracking in hundreds of cities in Brazil and Argentina and to push more than 1,000 universities, foundations, cities and churches to divest more than $12 trillion from fossil fuels. 350 has also joined historic grassroots mobilizations like the People's Climate March and the Global Climate Strike.

Pink Moon: What are your favorite products in the Pink Moon shop (or what are you most interested in/excited to try)?

Neige: I love the whole Earthwise Beauty line. All of them are really good for acne-prone skin, without being aggressive. I also really like Malaya's herbal polish, I love a gentle exfoliator and its spicy scent is delightful. And the texture of 5YINA's Divine Bio-Adaptative Cleanser is really pleasant, as is it's fresh citrusy scent.

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