Collaborator for Change: Floriana / From the Bullet

Floriana - From the Bullet

At Pink Moon, we place a high value on community and giving back. As a matter of fact, from the moment we decided to create our digital wellcare space, we knew we wanted to create a unique initiative that fused these two values together. Our ultimate goal was to create something that would allow meaningful and far reaching change birthed from collaboration.

For us, this meant putting a spin on the traditional affiliate program structure. 

The amazing bloggers that we work with were chosen very intentionally. We have a lot of respect for the women we have partnered with, and, more often than not, have been admirers of their contributions to the beauty space for years. 

We are honored to introduce you to Floriana, who is a mom of three girls and three pups and is a skincare enthusiast. Find her on IG.


Pink Moon: Tell us a little bit about you and your platform. 

Floriana: I started my blog a little over 3 years ago focused mostly around makeup and covering up my skin. I quickly realized that my skin condition (which was consistent of cystic acne and tons of redness and inflammation) was due to hormonal imbalances, lots of stress and probably lack of hydration and healthy eating. After having my daughters, I gained a new perspective on how to combat my skin's issues. I started caring for my skin and really began to look at different ingredients and products that helped heal it versus targeting my breakouts and focusing only on products targeted for that concern topically. So overtime, I switched my focus to skincare, because healthy glowing skin leads to less makeup. And that's what I want to empower people to see. That it's ok to have a blemish, to have redness, to not have to wear full coverage foundation unless you want to. It's ok to show your skin and really take the time to care for it and listen to its needs. With this approach, I was able to heal from the inside out and not fuss when I get an odd spot here or there.

Pink Moon: How has self care positively impacted your life? 

Floriana: Having 3 children, a full time career in Brand Marketing, 3 dogs, working on my own skincare launch…and not forgetting that at the end of the day, I'm a wife and mother too...self care takes on a whole new meaning for me. I learned very quickly to ask for help and not feel ashamed of it. Self care to me means so many different things. It's taking just 5 min to unwind. That could mean taking a walk, drinking a cup of coffee and really enjoying the flavor and the heat from it. It means making sure my stress levels are balanced and I ask for help versus just going crazy in trying to do it all. I can't do everything, nor should I. Caring for myself and my wellbeing is the first step in being able to be there for my family and career.

Pink Moon: Since you are one of our Collaborators for Change, what charity have you chosen to work with? Why?

Floriana: The charity I chose to work with is St. Judes Children’s Hospital. For all the amazing work they do in helping to care for children with severe illnesses. I just love and respect their mission and focus on helping keep children healthy and strong.

Pink Moon: What are your favorite products in the Pink Moon shop (or what are you most interested in/excited to try)?

Floriana: I absolutely love the 5YINA Biocellulose Sheet Mask. They hydrate like no other! And I'm a huge fan of Earthwise Beauty Marshmallow Cleanser. It's the perfect aromatic, creamy, foamy cleanser. For baby, I love the Lhamour Baby Balm. I apply it to my little ones body while wet and it helps to protect her delicate skin. And let's not forget about the hair! Mo Mi Beauty has some amazing products, especially their latest launches. I love their Clarifying and Balancing range. It helps leave my hair feeling clean, vibrant and soft.

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