5 Minute Rituals For Your Winter Self-Care Plan

5 Minute Rituals For Your Winter Self-Care Plan

In the peak of winter, a gentle reset is more than warmly welcomed. Is it time to refresh your rituals?

Rituals don’t have to be time-consuming. In fact, long or short or with eco friendly beauty products or without, the way you approach your well-being is entirely up to you. Any little thing that comforts your body, mind and spirit and leaves you feeling restored is encouraged. Maybe you prefer to take an hour in the evening or maybe you’re happy to sprinkle short and sweet ones throughout your day. These moments of peace can really feel like a breath of fresh air, and more than just a part of your self-care plan. Whatever your choice, taking at least 5 minutes for yourself per day is worth celebrating! 

By the way, your rituals should never feel forced. A balanced self-care plan is not just about pampering your body with eco friendly beauty products, it’s also about nourishing your mind with patience and compassion. Never reprimand yourself - it’s okay to miss a day. Sometimes a break might just be what you need to feel whole and grounded.

Scroll down to get 5 of our favorite self-care practices that only take 5 minutes or less! Remember, even if you only have time for one of these, the small things you do each day can add up to big results. Happy wellcare!

Light a candle

A quick, yet super simple and soul-nourishing way to start your morning is by lighting up a beautiful candle. 

With a burn time of over 80 hours, each hand-poured candle from Malaya Organics features a base of pure coconut wax and a cotton wick dipped in vegetable wax. When you’ve got a busy day ahead, wrap yourself in a state of peace by lighting the fresh and floral Wild Blossom. For an ultra-herbaceous wakeup, Moroccan Rose revives your senses with seductive rose, grounding geranium and inspiring bergamot. 

Run your diffuser for an afternoon pick-me-up

Send your senses to sunnier days with just a few Drops of Sunshine. This uplifting essential oil blend from Pink Moon is crafted with naturally antibacterial and immune-boosting botanicals like citrus, rosemary and cedarwood. Close your eyes, breathe in and imagine the warm rays kissing your (SPF shielded!) skin.

Brew yourself some herbal tea

Mindfully brewing a warm cup of tea gives you the space to pause and ask yourself, “How am I feeling and what do I need right now?”

If you need a midday wakeup, pour yourself an invigorating cup of Hibiscus Herbal Tea. To

calm your nerves, sip on some soothing Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea. These teas, both from Earthwise Beauty, come housed in interior bags made from 100% compostable renewable wood pulp!

Cleanse your space

If your living room is currently doubling as your office, spritz the Energy Clearing Spray from Species by the Thousands to delicately shift from the work day to a tranquil evening. Made in Brooklyn and inspired by nature's healing magic, each spritz releases an earthy blend of Palo Santo, common sage and clary sage to purify your home’s energetic hygiene.

End your day with a facial massage

This is slow beauty at its best. Before sliding under the warm covers, wind down and induce sweeter dreams with a 5-minute facial massage using Pink Moon's Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Tool.

Glide the gua sha tool over your face and even down to your neck and upper shoulders for a total tension-relieving massage, right at home. Make sure to apply an emollient facial oil or balm for extra smooth sculpting. If you’re new to this Chinese beauty ritual, follow the included instructions or watch our mini tutorials on gua sha technique. 


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